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2012-03-19 13:10:09 UTC

[ If These Trees Could Talk ] is an instrumental post rock band from Akron, Ohio Ohio has long been known as a source of wonderful instrumental music: Six Parts Seven, Silencio, and Mortimur, just to name a few, but people often overlook the fact that these bands develop independently of the rest of the country’s instrumental bands.

Six Parts Seven is one of the landmark instrumental bands in the US and Silencio was/is so unique that it’s scary. If These Trees Could Talk happily joins the ranks amongst their buckeye bretheren. Although their debut EP follows the HydraHead and Neurot school of thought, it’s fair to say it’s not a direct result as much as they share common influences: Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and other progressively minded rock bands.

If These Trees Could Talk is certainly a rock album, although the use of reverb and delay make the music very amicable to fans of “post-rock” music. The band’s potential is just as large as its appeal — with a solid foundation to build upon, If These Trees Could Talk was a variety of viable options for its next record.

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MetalSucks.NET: If you love atmospheric, spacey post-metal as much as we do, well, boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you today: Red Forest, the new, limited-edition vinyl LP from If These Trees Could Talk. In the same vein as Scale the Summit, Junius, and This Will Destroy You, Red Forest is a lush, epic tongue bath of an album, the aural equivalent of a long mediation session in which new levels of consciousness are attained. We love it — and we’re confident you will, too.

Stream [ Red Forest ] in full below. "Science of Silence" will release a very limited edition vinyl pressing of the album on an edition of five-hundred copies only!!! — on March 20, and they’re almost sold out already. So make sure you pre-order yours while there’s still time!

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Artist - If These Trees Could Talk Album - Red Forest Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 1. Breath Of Life 1:48 2. The First Fire 6:30 3. Barren Lands Of The Modern Dinosaur 5:57 4. They Speak With Knives 5:40 5. The Gift Of Two Rivers 1:11 6. Red Forest 8:25 7. The Aleutian Clouds 3:03 8. Left To Rust And Rot 5:24 9. When The Big Hand Buries The Twelve 9:38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - If These Trees Could Talk Album - If These Trees Could Talk Year - 2006 Genre - Instrumental Post-rock Tracklist 1 Malabar Front 8:05 2 Smoke Stacks 6:24 3 The Friscalating Dusklight 4:33 4 Signal Tree 5:24 5 The Death of Paradigm 4:06 6 41°4'23n, -81°31'4w 3:31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if-these-trees-could-talk-above-the-earth-below-the-sky Artist - If These Trees Could Talk Album - Above The Earth, Below The Sky Release Date - 2009 Genre - Instrumental Post-rock Tracklist If These Trees Could Talk - 01 - From Roots to Needles If These Trees Could Talk - 02 - What's in the Ground Belongs to You If These Trees Could Talk - 03 - Terra Incognita If These Trees Could Talk - 04 - Above the Earth If These Trees Could Talk - 05 - Below the Sky If These Trees Could Talk - 06 - The Sun is in the North If These Trees Could Talk - 07 - Thirty-Six Silos If These Trees Could Talk - 08 - The Flames of Herostratus If These Trees Could Talk - 09 - Rebuilding the Temple of Artemis If These Trees Could Talk - 10 - Deus Ex Machina -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: My Education… | Epic45… | Explosions In The Sky… | Crime In Choir… | Do Make Say Think… --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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