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2011-06-25 12:35:50 UTC

FORM AND FATE paint musical portraits that can be simultaneously beautiful and terrifying. Soaring melodies, dense harmonies, and sonic assaults are the trademark of this San Francisco quintet. The name Form and Fate was derived from the process through which a lake is born.

As the definition would imply, the music is something of a tribute to the turbulent ways in which new landscapes are formed, sometimes through dramatic and violent upheaval, sometimes through the simple, slow passing of time. Souring melodies, dense harmonies, and dark, sonic assaults are the trademark of this post rock, instrumental band from San Francisco.

The music of FORM AND FATE has been compared to that of [ Mogwai ] ~ [ Explosions in the Sky ] ~ [Russian Circles ] ~ [ ISIS ] and [ Red Sparowes ]. Whatever the approach, this post-apocalyptic wall of sound will leave you wanting more. Bring earplugs!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT NOTE: 2011 Title [ Sol Invictus ] the latest release from Form and Fate, sees the band exploring dense, texturally rich musical landscapes. Mixed by Billy Anderson [ Melvins, Neurosis ]. Sol Invictus, presents a heavier side of the band’s instrumental post-rock style.

ABOUT [ SOL INVICTUS ]: Four years since the release of the band’s 2007 debut full length album, The Form and Fate of Lakes, and the 2007 EP Recirc (a collection of re-mastered home recordings from 1999), Form and Fate has assembled ten impassioned compositions in Sol Invictus, an album that examines themes of isolation and creative destruction.

Having garnered favorable comparisons to giants of the genre like Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, Form and Fate continues to develop the band's personal vision of instrumental rock on its latest release. Sol Invictus contains 50 minutes of intense instrumental music that is available in mp3 format or on CD in an eye catching digipak created by artist and musician Daniel McKenzie (Rum Diary, Shuteye Unison).

Form and Fate chose Adam Myatt (Exodus, Port O'Brien, Giant Squid), principal engineer at Oakland's Sharkbite Studios, to help capture and create the many textures of Sol Invictus. The album was mixed by the esteemed Billy Anderson [ Melvins, Neurosis, Red House Painters ] no stranger to working with loud and dynamic bands. Final touches were provided by Justin Weis at Trakworx [ Papa Roach, Gorilla Sleepy Time Museum, Matt Nathanson ] who mastered the album. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Artist - Form And Fate Album - Sol Invictus Release Date - 2011 [ 28th Of July ] Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 01 Welcome To Your New Home Beneath the Earth (the Marseille Handshake) 02 When the Streets Caught Fire and We All Walked Through the Flames 03 Tracking, North of 63o Latitude 04 Escape Velocity 05 Terra Incognita (Here Be Dragons) 06 Wolf Number 07 We Used To Roam the Earth (Ursus Maritimus Tyrannus) 08 Mare Incognitum 09 Sons of Jupiter 10 Seasickness (Mal De Debarquement) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exclusive Stream Form and Fate - Sol Invictus Preview Download Form and Fate - Sol Invictus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Form And Fate Album - The Form And Fate Of Lakes Year - 2007 Genre - Instrumental Post-rock Tracklist 01 Emotions vs Deceptions 02 Norweigian Black Metal Sword Fight To Death 03 The Ballad Of Austin Post 04 Intermission 05 It Will Come To Us 06 The Form And Fate Of Lakes Part I 07 The Form And Fate Of Lakes Part II 08 You Should Be Stopping -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Form And Fate - The Form And Fate Of Lakes Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pelican / These Arms Are Snake ~ If These Trees Could Talk ~ Since (Time) ~ A Storm Of Light ~ ISIS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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