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Catching up with “General Fuzz” and “Xela” on the ambient side here is “Belong”. Born in the dense heat of New Orleans, Louisiana, Belong is a collaborative effort between Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones, whose debut album, October Language, goes beyond traditional song structure to a place where melodic figures blur, and textures are gorgeously sculpted into an ocean of sound.

Belong began on the WestBank of New Orleans in 2002, but it was not until 2004 that October Language was made. The album was assembled, composed, and produced in Dietrich’s bedroom studio; however, the inspiration for the songs goes well beyond the walls.

The album encapsulates their hometown of New Orleans, at once bathed in sunlight and colors, yet dripping in decay and a rich sadness. It is a record that attempts to display the beauty in things that are worn, decayed or destroyed.

Artist – Belong
Album – Common Era
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Ambient, Drone, Shoegaze, Post-rock


1 Come See
2 Never Came Close
3 A Walk
4 Perfect Life
5 Keep Still
6 Different Heart
7 Make Me Return
8 Common Era
9 Very Careful
Belong – Common Era


Artist – Belong
Album – October Language
Year – 2006
Genre – Ambient, Drone, Post-rock

1 I Never Lose. Never Really 4:43
2 Red Velvet or Nothing 5:40
3 October Language 5:29
4 I’m Too Sleepy…Shall We Swim? 5:13
5 Remove the Inside 5:59
6 Who Told You This Room Exists? 5:05
7 All Equal Now 5:31
8 The Door Opens the Other Way 7:11
Belong – October Language Password –
Stars Of The Lid / Brian McBride | Mountains | Windmills By The Ocean | Sick Spider | Hella Comet

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