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2011-09-06 08:00:11 UTC


Caïna is a Raw Black Metal / Post-Rock one-man band, from the United Kingdom [Hampshire / Sussex, England] and created by Andy, aka “A”. Caïna was conceived in the winter of 2004, and born, screaming and covered in mucus in May 2005, when the debut demo/e.p [When We Are Grown We Will Be Strong] was recorded.

From its inception, Caïna as an aesthetic unit was designed to become a continually evolving musical entity, combining the frigid and cold musical framework of the rawest black metal with a post-rock/ambient sound and aesthetic. A chimerical beast classified somewhere between fragile, brittle art and bristling aural fury, the project is a solo one; the only creative member is “.A.”.

Caïna is Dante’s eternally frozen lake; a bottomless fissure filled with blackened ice, reverborating with the lament of innumerable damned souls, from which there is no escape. An apt moniker then, for a musical project which aims to provoke a genuine feeling of a perpetual teetering between damnation and salvation.

Dante would not, however, have approved of the meaning behind such provocation: whilst Caïna (nor its protagonist, .A., for that matter) does not ascribe to the typically ‘evil’ code of ethics proscribed by many Black Metal bands, Caïna’s subject matter is primarily concerned with an fusion of Modern (or LaVeyan) Satanism and Crowleyian, Thelemic principles, along with occasional excursions into pure poetry or Historical/Literary subjects. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

EDIT NOTE: * * * * * [ Caïna - Hands That Pluck ] * * * * * 2011 UPDATE

It’s interesting, that on his fourth album [ Hands That Pluck ], he dishes out some of his rawest black ‘n’ roll metal to date. You’ll get a sense of the seething sound via a list of the collection’s guests:

- Krieg’s N. Imperial : [ On the expansive “ Murrain ” ] - Starkweather’s Rennie Resmini : [ On the excellent Converge-meets-black metal of “ Callus And Cicatrix ” ] - Chris Ross : [ On the monstrous progressive rock mind melter “ I Know Thee Of Old ” ].

The album’s first track [ Profane Inheritors ] is a crusty shredder that would fit well on a recent Darkthrone album. It’s followed by Krieg’s 11-minute sky-melter [ Murrain ], the swirling ambient drone of the title track, and the anthemic instrumental post-rock of [ The Sea Of Grief Has No Shores ] — songs that would not fit well on a recent Darkthrone album.

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Artist - Caïna Album - Hands That Pluck [ 2 X CD ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Experimetal, Post-metal, Black-metal, Drone-metal Tracklist [ CD 1 ] 01. Profane Inheritors [00.05:20] 02. Murrain [00.10:30] 03. Hands That Pluck [00.02:39] 04. The Sea Of Grief Has No Shores [00.07:53] 05. Callus And Cicatrix [00.09:45] 06. Somnium Ignis [00.11:20] 07. Haruspication [00.02:16] 08. I Know Thee Of Old [00.12:35] 09. Ninety-Three [00.07:39] Tracklist [ CD 2 ] 01. Some People Die [00.05:38] 02. Validity [00.07:41] 03. The Last Song [00.4:21) 04. To Funk The Night Up By Its Shit [00.05:27] 05. Roses In The Snow (Nico Cover) [00.05:14] 06. Some People Fall (2011 Remaster) [00.06:33] 07. The Validity Of Hate Within An Emotional Vacuum (2011 Remaster) [00.05:34] 08. Permaneo Carmen (2011 Remaster) [00.05:34] 09. To Pluck The Night Up By Its Skin (2011 Remaster) [00.08:17] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caïna - Hands That Pluck [ 2 X CD ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Caïna Album - Some People Fall Release Date - 2006 Genre - Experimetal, Post-metal, Black-metal Tracklist 01. Some People Fall [00.06:30] 02. The Validity Of Hate Within An Emotional Vacuum [00.05:06] 03. Black end tyme collapse [00.04:22] 04. Satanikulturpessimis [00.09:04] 05. Abraxas Gate [00.09:48] 06. The Mother [00.05:46] 07. Inside the outside [00.07:36] 08. Goetic Shadowcabaret [00.04:56] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caïna - Some People Fall Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Caïna Album - I, Mountain Release Date - 2007 Genre - Experimetal, Post-metal, Black-metal Tracklist 01. I, Mountain [00.20:50] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caïna - I, Mountain Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Caïna Album - Mourner Release Date - 2007 Genre - Experimetal, Post-metal, Black-metal Tracklist 01. Waves Engulf a Pier [00.04:42] 02. Hideous Gnosis [00.08:32] 03. The Sleep of Reason [00.07:25] 04. Constantine the Blind [00.03:01] 05. I Reeled in Heaven [00.10:00] 06. Morgawr [00.04:27] 07. Requiem for Shattered Timbers [00.09:26] [I]. Overture [II]. Arc of Piss [III]. Ruined Shore 08. Permaneo Carmen [00.05:36] 09. Wormwood Over Albion [00.13:49] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caïna - Mourner Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Caïna Album - Temporary Antennae Release Date - 2008 Genre - Experimetal, Post-metal, Black-metal Tracklist 01. Intro – Manuscript Found in Unmarked Grave, 1918 02. Ten Went Up River 03. Willows and Whippoorwills 04. Tobacco Beetle 05. Larval Door 06. …And Ivy Wound Round Him 07. Them Golds and Brass 08. Petals and Bloodbowls 09. Temporary Antennae 10 .None Shall Die -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caïna - Temporary Antennae Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Saffron Slumber ~ Celer ~ Byla ~ Autistici ~ Labradford --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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