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Emery Reel

Constructive noise. Destructive noise. A little more than a year now and we find ourselves surrounded by that very sound. Songs and format constantly reshaping and evolving.

More on our own now than ever. We, four individuals separated by wires and cable leaning in together to hear what becomes of that noise. Anticipation never waning, we are anxious to see what becomes of our efforts.

It leaves little room for a nervous hesitation that sometimes guides our decisions. And yet, here we sit, blanketed by the warming hum of amplifiers listening to that noise. Crucial noise. Vital noise… Emery Reel, Nashville TN

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Artist – Emery Reel
Album – ….For and Acted Upon Through Diversions
Release Date – 2003
Genre – Instrumental Post-rock (At Its Best)

1 They Are Cohercing Ideas Into the Mind 2:35
2 A New Beginning 9:13
3 Hence; Therefore, Again 4:36
4 Departure of Hope 6:28
5 Cam’s March 6:56
6 His Hammer Is My Axe 6:08
7 Uneasy, the Crossing Guard 14:21
Emery Reel – ….For and Acted Upon Through Diversions Password –

Artist – Stafrænn Hákon & Emery Reel
Album – Split
Release Date – 2004
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock

A Stafrænn Hákon – Krani
B Emery Reel – Divided We Stand
Stafrænn Hákon & Emery Reel – Split
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