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* * * * * Sympathy For Mr Park – Sympathy For Mr Park * * * * *

From their “MySpace”. Hello friends from the « Place for friends »… We are Sympathy for Mr Park and we are from Dinant, a smiling city from the south of Belgium (yes, it’s a country). We started the band in February or maybe March 2006… can’t remember.

Our music is somewhere between post-rock, electronica, indie-rock and noisy-pop (Who said pedant?). We’re just a mix of Explosions in the Sky, Mud Flow, Boards of Canada, 65 days of Static or Sweek. Well… we just try to be not so ridiculous in comparison with them. We try to be ourselves, with our hopes and our past.

We love a lot of different musics: rock, hip-hop, electro, South-American music and we hope (remember that: HOPE) that one day, we can do a good mix of all. We don’t want to be a famous band, we just want to be us. Pardon us. We’re young. And we’re searching ourselves. If you quit this page, we will burn your house. Remember that. Thanks for reading.

Band Members – Napoléon / Guitars-Vocals, Clément /Guitars, Agent têtu / Bass, Karim / Electronics – Keyboards and Antoine / Drums

Artist – Sympathy for Mr Park
Album – Sympathy for Mr Park Ep
Year – 2008
Genre – Instrumental Post-rock

01 – Sympathy for Mr Park – Lost in the air
02 – Sympathy for Mr Park – Kyotchi
03 – Sympathy for Mr Park – Special guest
04 – Sympathy for Mr Park – Crash Test
Sympathy for Mr Park – Sympathy for Mr Park Ep Password –

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