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Loop was a South London band founded in 1986 by Robert Hampson and his then wife, Bex. Loop’s sound was characterized by strong kraut rock and avant garde influences in addition to the minimalist mayhem of The Stooges and MC5. Their songs were almost uniformly harsh and repetitive, with indecipherable vocals buried under layers of noisy guitar riffs and metronomic drumming. Some of the records featured covers of Suicide, The Pop Group and Can as bonus tracks. Between 1986 and 1991, the band released three LPs, several singles, appeared on numerous compilations, and a John Peel session, “Wolf Flow.” They are and were often compared to fellow drone-rockers Spacemen 3, and in many ways were overshadowed by them. Sonic Boom even supposedly accused Loop of stealing their sound from his band, although this claim was contested both by Loop and the UK music press. After the band split, Hampson joined Godflesh briefly, playing on their album “Pure”, and simultaineously formed Main with Dawson. Wills and MacKay went on to form The Hair and Skin Trading Company. John Wills is now recording under the name of Pumajaw with Pinkie Maclure whom he’d previously worked with under the name Lumen. MacKay has released work as Juicy Eureka and under his own name. Members Initial line-up: * Robert Hampson (vocals, guitars) * Bex (drums) * Glen Ray (bass) Final line-up: * Robert Hampson (vocals, guitars) * Scott Dawson (guitar) * John Wills (drums) Artist - Loop Album - Black Horse, Camden Release Date - 1987 Genre - Shoegaze, Psychedelic-rock, Space-rock Tracklist 01. I'll Take You There 02. Deep Hit 03. 16 Dreams 04. Burning World 05. (unknown track) 06. Spinning -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loop - Black Horse, Camden -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Loop Album - Live USA Release Date - 1990 Genre - Shoegaze, Psychedelic-rock, Space-rock Tracklist 01 - breathe into me 02 - pulse 03 - from centre to wave 04 - fever knife 05 - afterglow 06 - black sun 08 - fade out 09 - arc-lite 09 - arc-lite 10 - got to get it over 11 - burning world 12 - mother sky -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loop - Live USA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Loop Album - Rotterdam Release Date - 1990 Genre - Shoegaze, Psychedelic-rock, Space-rock Tracklist 01 Sunburst 02 Vapour 03 Fade Out 04 Afterglow 05 Straight to Your Heart 06 Breathe into Me 07 Pulse 08 Arc-lite 09 Got to Get this Over 10 The Nail Will Burn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loop - Rotterdam -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Loop Album - Heaven's End Release Date - 1987 Genre - Shoegaze, Psychedelic-rock, Space-rock CD1 Soundhead Straight To Your Heart Forever Heaven's End Too Real To Feel Fix To Fall Head On Carry Me CD2 Rocket USA Soundhead (1st Mix) Head On (1st Mix) Peel Session 1 Soundhead Straight To Your Heart Rocket USA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loop - Heaven's End [ Disc 1 & 2 ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Loop Album - Fade Out Release Date - 1988 Genre - Shoegaze, Psychedelic-rock, Space-rock CD1 Black Sun This Is Where You End Fever Knife Torched Fade Out Pulse A Vision Stain Got To Get It Over CD2 Black Sun (Feedback) Torched (1st Mix) Got To Get It Over (1st Mix) This Is Where You End (House In The Woods Demo Mix no. 7) Peel Session 2 Pulse This Is Where You End Collision Fade Out Guitar Loops (House In The Woods Recording June 88) I II III IV V -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loop - Fade Out [ Disc 1 and 2 ] Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Loop Album - A Gilded Eternity Release Date - 1990 Genre - Shoegaze, Psychedelic-rock, Space-rock Disc: 1 1. Vapour 2. Afterglow 3. The Nail Will Burn 4. Blood 5. Breathe Into Me 6. From Centre To Wave 7. Be Here Now Disc: 2 1. The Nail Will Burn (Burn Out) (Free 7inch Giveaway Versions) 2. Shot With A Diamond (Free 7inch Giveaway Versions) 3. From Centre To wave (Peel Session 3) 4. Afterglow (Peel Session 3) 5. Sunburst (Peel Session 3) 6. Arc-Lite (House In The Woods Demo) 7. Breathe Into Me (House In The Woods Demo) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loop - A Guilded Eternity [ Disc 1 and 2 ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Loop Album - The World In Your Eyes (Remastered) Release Date - 2009 Genre - Shoegaze, Psychedelic-rock, Space-rock Disc: 1 1. 16 Dreams 2. Head On 3. Burning World 4. Spinning (Parts 1&2) 5. Brittle Head Girl 6. Deep Hit 7. I'll Take You There 8. Brittle Head Girl (1st Loop Demo - House In The Woods) 9. Burning World (1st Loop Demo - House In The Woods) 10. Spinning (Spun Out) Good Feeling Compilation Disc: 2 1. Collision 2. Crawling Heart 3. Thief Of Fire 4. Thief (Motherf**ker) 5. Black Sun 6. Circle grave 7. Mother Sky 8. Pink Moon(Nick Drake tribute track) 9. Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young tribute track) Disc: 3 1. Arc-Lite (Sonar) 2. Arc-Lite (Radar) Daniel Miller remix 3. Sunburst 4. Arc-Lite (Radiated) Daniel Miller remix 5. Afterglow (Prisma Uber Europa Promo Live 12inch) 6. Got To Get It Over (Prisma Uber Europa Promo Live 12inch) 7. Burning World (Prisma Uber Europa Promo Live 12inch) 8. Like Rats (Loopflesh) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loop - The World In Your Eyes (Remastered) [ Dics 1, 2 and 3 ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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