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Turku, Finland (2001 – present) Callisto - formed in 2001 - is a metal/progressive/experimental band from Turku, Finland. With their second album Noir, a follow-up for the widely recognized debut “True Nature Unfolds”, the Finnish five-piece has turned a new page in broadening musical expressions. Their cathartically dim and characteristic works are the means for the band to draw from a more diverse and timeless sound. Noir can not only be felt switching between various musical tendencies, but also between different decades. Callisto expand on the whole modern sludge genre innovators of Isis and likes with it’s subtle jazz leanings, heavy use of mellotron and experimentation with unconventional rock instruments such as the saxophone. Callisto’s short and cryptic lyrics contain strong Christian themes with references to artists such as Trouble and Woven hand. Artist - Callisto Album - Ordeal of the Century Release Date - 2002 Genre - Sludge-metal, Post-metal Tracklist 1 Ordeal of the Century 0:52 2 Restoring Process 3:37 3 Anastasis 4:58 4 The Albert Pike Epilogue 3:22 5 Alternate Horizons 3:49 6 Dawning End 6:49 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Callisto - Ordeal of the Century Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - Callisto Album - True Nature Unfolds Release Date - 2004 Genre - Sludge-metal, Post-metal Tracklist 01 31 46°N, 35 14° E 1:19 02 Blackhole 5:01 03 Limb: Diasporas 5:48 04 Cold Stare 6:32 05 Storm 9:15 06 Caverns of Khafka 4:32 07 Like Abel's Blood Cried for Revenge 6:30 08 Worlds Collide 5:16 09 Masonic 5:55 10 The Great Divorce 8:00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Callisto - True Nature Unfolds Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - Callisto Album - Noir Release Date - 2006 Genre - Sludge-metal, Post-metal Tracklist 1 Wormwood 7:13 2 Latterday Saints 7:29 3 The Fugitive 8:04 4 Backwoods 1:08 5 A Close Encounter 5:59 6 Pathos 5:59 7 Folkslave 8:11 8 Woven Hands 9:44 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Callisto - Noir Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - Callisto Album - Providence Release Date - 2009 Genre - Sludge-metal, Post-metal Tracklist 01 In Session 02 Rule the Blood 03 Covenant Colours 04 Eastern Era 05 New Canaan 06 Stasis 07 Where the Spirits Tread 08 Dead Weight 09 Drying Mouths (in a Gasping Land) 10 Providence ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN SEARCH OF.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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