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2013-10-23 11:13:38 UTC
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Generation of Vipers formed as a complete unit in September of 2004 and began performing music in a live setting in the early months of 2005. Composed and constructed an audio recording of music in July of 2005 titled “Grace” that was then released in February 2006 on Red Witch Recordings. Generation of Vipers will be releasing a new full length record titled “Dead Circle” on October 23, 2007 on their own Red Witch Recordings imprint.

They have been called everything from “Dark Metal”, “Dark Rock”, “Post-Metal”, “Ambient Sludge” and about a thousand other things, and have been compared to many groups from Neurosis and Isis to groups such as Breach, Cult Of Luna, Godflesh, Celtic Frost and The Black Heart Procession.

[ Howl And Filth "Reissue" ]

Knoxville’s Generation of Vipers first hit my radar in 2005 with their debut, Grace. It was one of what seems like about a hundred albums I reviewed that year that were built on the Neur-Isis post-metal blueprint, and despite the album’s quality, it was lost in a steady stream of efforts from likeminded bandwagoners. Between then and now, most of the rest of those bands have gone the way of the cellular pager (“Is this hotel Neur-Isis friendly?”), but Generation of Vipers has stayed the course, producing a slow but steady stream of music on their own imprint, Red Witch Recordings.

Perseverance now pays off with this deserving reissue of last year’s Howl and Filth on Translation Loss and a vinyl release via Inherent Records. The difference-maker for Generation of Vipers continues to be their insistence at shrugging off the conventional overplayed ebb and flow dynamics in favor of varying shades of an altogether darker, more menacing ethos. Whereas many in the genre continued to go lighter and lighter, Generation of Vipers remain focused on bowling you over with Through Silver in Blood caustic tribalisms. When the style’s done right, you feel the heft, that organic, visceral connection so masterfully constructed by Neurosis. These guys are no Neurosis, of course, but they’re definitely of that spirit, as opposed to the Cult of Lunas, Red Sparrowes and the like.

That heaviness hits you right out of the gate with “Ritual,” when even the clean guitar strumming can’t detract from the surging primal rhythm section, and by the time Joshua Holt gives voice, the band’s intentions are clear. Their lean three-piece structure suits their purpose, and the style and production allow the percussion and bass to propel the songs, with guitar often used simply for texture and the roaring vocals left relatively low in the mix. There are, of course, the genre-typical song dynamics, but the band doesn’t lighten things as often as they simply slow them down.

There are a few curveballs here and there, like the haunting, Reznor-like instrumental interlude “All of This Is Mine” and the slinky groove in “Eternal.” Proceedings wrap up with the intriguing “The Misery Coil,” which shifts from sparse ambience to a near Mastodonian acerbic sludge that nicely contrasts the rest of the album.

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Generation Of Vipers - Devana Artist - Generation Of Vipers Album - Devana Release Date - 2013 Genre - Tracklist 1. Milk It 03:53 2. Gates of Steel 03:19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Generation Of Vipers - Devana -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Generation Of Vipers - Howl And Filth Artist - Generation Of Vipers Album - Howl And Filth Release Date - 2012 Genre - Experimental, Post-metal, Sludge-metal Tracklist 1. Ritual 07:52 2. Silent Shroud 06:32 3. All Of This Is Mine 02:55 4. Eternal 04:08 5. Slow Burn 07:57 6. The Misery Coil 09:09 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Generation Of Vipers - Howl And Filth ZIPPYSHARE Generation Of Vipers - Howl And Filth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Generation Of Vipers Album - Dead Circle Release Date - 2007 Genre - Experimental, Post-metal, Sludge-metal Tracklist 1 A Beacon in the Fog 2 Blood in the Belly 3 Surfacing 4 Yearning 5 Black on Gold -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Generation Of Vipers - Dead Circle FILEFACTORY Generation Of Vipers - Dead Circle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Generation Of Vipers Grace Artist - Generation Of Vipers Album - Grace Release Date - 2005 Genre - Experimental, Post-metal, Sludge-metal Tracklist 1. Thaw 04:36 2. O Great Deceiver 07:32 3. In The Crushing Fists Of God 18:35 4. Blood In The Belly 10:38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Generation Of Vipers - Grace -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Generation Of Vipers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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