Crime In Choir

2009-02-04 14:02:13 UTC
San Francisco, United States [ 2000 – present ]. San Francisco quintet Crime In Choir are an instrumental progressive rock band, comparable to groups like Faust, Goblin, Magma, Soft Machine. Founded in 2000, Crime In Choir released their previous full-length releases on Frenetic Records (2004’s The Hoop) and Omnibus (2002’s self-titled debut), respectively. The band’s third full-length, Trumpery Metier, was recorded by Tim Green, and is their first release for Gold Standard Labs. Their fourth full-length release Gift Givers was released on the 22nd January 2009 on Kill Shaman Records. The group is comprised of founding members of the original " At the Drive-In " [ pianist Kenny Hopper and guitarist Jarrett Wrenn ] as well as members of Tussle [ drummer Warren Huegal ] ~ Jonas Reinhardt [ synthesizer player Jesse Reiner ] ~ The Mass [ saxophonist Matt Waters ] and bassist Jonathan Skaggs. Former band members include Zach Hill, Ian Hill, and Carson McWhirter. Artist - Crime In Choir Album - Crime in Choir Release Date - 2002 Genre - Post-rock, Math-rock Tracklist 1 A Girl Named Jesus 5:00 2 Pictures in the Dictionary 4:34 3 Come Here, Raider 4:16 4 Fleece on Fire 4:02 5 Worldwide CB 4:36 6 Cincinnati 6:59 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crime In Choir - Crime in Choir Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Crime In Choir Album - The Hoop Release Date - 2004 Genre - Post-rock, Math-rock Tracklist 01 Strong Beautiful Suspicious Horse 4:13 02 Vene Qua 4:26 03 The Perfect Cover for This is Fur 1:35 04 The Hoop 3:31 05 Magnetotail 2:16 06 Hot Slant 3:24 07 Where R R Umbrellas 4:08 08 Night Bandit 3:14 09 Didomonico 3:38 10 In Search of Plunder (Bum Convention) 2:25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crime In Choir - The Hoop Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Crime In Choir Album - Trumpery Metier Release Date - 2006 Genre - Post-rock, Math-rock Tracklist 1 Women of Reduction 2:59 2 Complete Upsmanship 3:10 3 Land of Sherry Wine and Spanish Horses 7:15 4 Grande Gallo 6:08 5 High Thin Circus 1:00 6 Measure of a Master 6:24 7 Trumpery Metier 5:04 8 The Hollow Crown 4:06 9 Octopus in the Piano 6:08 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crime In Choir - Trumpery Metier Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Crime In Choir Album - Gift Givers Release Date - 2008/9 Genre - Post-rock, Math-rock Tracklist 1.Gift Givers 2.Round Air Copy 3.Crystal Cake 4.Jealous Dancing Days 5.Fingers Lightly Bowed 6.Pedal Nervous Sensation 7.Fool's Guild -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crime In Choir - Gift Givers Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Shipping News ~ Piglet ~ A Minor Forest ~ Rumah Sakit ~ Battles --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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