The God Machine

2009-02-06 13:14:50 UTC
The God Machine was a rock band active in the first half of the 1990s. Its members were all from San Diego, California, U.S., but they all lived and performed mainly in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, they were one of the few foreign acts to play at the short-lived Repre club in the Obecni dum in Prague The band consisted of three members, Robin Proper-Sheppard (born Gary Sheppard) (guitar/vocals), Jimmy Fernandez (bass) and Ronald Austin (drums), and they first performed officially under the name The God Machine in 1991. They released an EP, Purity with the record label Eve, and were later given contracts with the label Fiction. They released two albums in their career, both with their trademark dark and industrial-sounding alternative rock, before Jimmy Fernandez suddenly died from a cancerous brain tumour. Robin went on to form The Flower Shop Recordings label, and bands Sophia and The May Queens. Their second album, One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying, was recognized by Alternative Press as one of the “90 greatest albums of the 90s” (#88) in their December 1998 issue. Their San Diego incarnation was called Society Line and also featured guitarist Albert Amman, who left the band before its move to London. ----------(The God Machine has... and always remain a classic.)---------- Artist - The God Machine Album - Scenes From the Second Storey ( * * * * * )Release Date - 1993 Genre - Alternative-metal, Post-metal Tracklist 01 Dream Machine 5:24 02 She Said 4:40 03 The Blind Man 5:58 04 I've Seen the Man 2:39 05 The Desert Song 5:12 06 Home 5:20 07 It's All Over 5:55 08 Temptation 5:13 09 Out 5:08 10 Ego 3:34 11 Seven 16:38 The God Machine - Scenes From the Second Storey Password - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - The God Machine Album - One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying Release Date - 1994 Genre - Alternative-metal, Post-metal Tracklist 01 The Tremolo Song 4:02 02 Mama 2:52 03 Alone 4:48 4 In Bad Dreams 3:08 05 Painless 3:58 06 The Love Song 3:55 07 The Life Song 4:41 08 The Devil Song 5:04 09 The Hunter 7:57 10 Evol 4:06 11 The Train Song 4:26 12 The Flower Song 5:41 13 Boy by the Roadside 5:50 14 The Sunday Song 8:34 The God Machine - One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying Password - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Generation Of Vipers - Dead Circle ISIS Tides Tid - Bortom Inom Envy -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Review for the new EP "I Wanna Be Exploited" by Tommy Red

A combination of retro aesthetics, enduring lyrics and alt-rock grit. The best music happens when artists refuse to remain stuck in their own comfort zones and creative boxes. Whenever this happens, they are free to give full range to their vision, and they can really come up with something that’s groundbreaking and personable. This is certainly the case here with Tommy Red and his brand new EP release, “I Wanna Be Exploited.”


Dream within a Dream by Marva Von Theo

Marva Von Theo is an Electropop / Synthwave duo formed in 2016 by the Athens-based singer-songwriter Marva Voulgari and the Vienna-based composer-producer Theo Foinidis. Their Debut Album “Dream within a Dream” was released early in 2018. The 12 songs on their Album, lean towards an electronic sound that incorporates a variety of influences ranging from the music of the 80’s until today. Darkwave sounds, Jazz harmonies, Rock and Dance drum beats resonate together and mature into something darkly romantic.



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