The Allstar Project

2009-02-10 15:11:30 UTC
The Allstar Project Profile

Born in 2001, The Allstar Project come up aiming for honest and real music, there is no hope to achieve the traditional rock bands goals. Two years later and after the debut E.P. The Berlengas Connection, the band is now more homogeneous and well-known. The positive feedback from the press and the public makes its members face the project more seriously, hoping to take it further.

The group changes with the coming of new members and the bet is now on showing their work to a wider universe of people. On their latest record the band releases sounds and emotions, forget borders and try possibilities. Only those who listen to them are allowed to judge their work. ( Highly anticipating their new album, to be released in 2014! ).


Ramon (Guitar) Nuñez (Guitar) Paco (Bass) Sawyer (Guitar) Velásquez (Drums)

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Artist - The Allstar Project Album - Into The Ivory Tower Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 01. Neighbour of the Beast 04:19 02. Off Axis 08:18 03. Alignment 07:02 04. Shifting Poles 04:57 05. Advent 04:25 06. Pyramidal 05:09 07. Not All A Dream 08:16 08. Light for A Thousand Night 11:02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Allstar Project - Into the Ivory Tower -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - The Allstar Project Album - Berlengas Connection Release Date - 2003 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 1. abarbatathor 11:08 2. liberator (reprise) 05:34 3. por um punhado de euros 09:16 4. connection 11:07 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Allstar Project - Berlengas Connection Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - The Allstar Project Album - Something to Do With Death Release Date - 2006 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 1 V5 6:17 2 The Third Man 9:42 3 5 Seconds Before 9:25 4 For a Friend 11:04 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Allstar Project - Something to Do With Death Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - The Allstar Project Album - Your Reward... A Bullet Release Date - 2007 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 01. The Allstar Project - Riding The Bullet 02. The Allstar Project - Polaris 03:18 03. The Allstar Project - Yehudi Lights 04. The Allstar Project - Frienemies 05:55 05. The Allstar Project - V5 06. The Allstar Project - Ghost Canyon II 07. The Allstar Project - Lasers Go Through Monkeys 08. The Allstar Project - For A Friend -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Allstar Project - Your Reward... A Bullet Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Allstar Project --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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