From The Sky

2009-02-14 15:29:44 UTC
(2005 – present) From The Sky are an Instrumental Post-Rock band from London, England who create emotional guitar-led songs very much in the vein of Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai and Mono. “It Fell…” is the first release by From The Sky in 2005 and is a taster of what’s to come from this young band. Head to for further info and to catch live shows. The band’s first EP ‘Like Crystal in a World of Glass’ was released on Sound Devastation Records in 2006 and is available in shops nationwide and online. ‘A Warm Place With No Memory’ is the band’s second EP and was released online by the Lost Children Net Label. It is available for free download from here : Artist - From The Sky Album - Like Crystal in a World of Glass Release Date - 2006 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 1 Electric Snow 2 When The Sun Sets The Clouds On Fire 3 Position Of The Stars 4 There Are Ghosts In The Glass 5 Someone To Remember ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From The Sky - Like Crystal in a World of Glass Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - From The Sky Album - A Warm Place With No Memory Release Date - 2008 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 1 Delusions of Grandeur 2 She Who Stares 3 To the Friend I Once Knew 4 Lost in the Woods ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From The Sky - A Warm Place With No Memory Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - From The Sky Album - ...It Fell Release Date - 2005 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 1 - Needle-Happy Paediatricians 2 - The Position of the Stars 3 - Someone to Remember ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From The Sky - ...It Fell Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Herod Layne ~ Regent Slim ~ Belong ~ This Is Your Captain Speaking ~ Parhelia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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New album Land of Evergone by Ali Murray

Ali Murray is an ethereal folk songwriter/musician from the cold isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland. He writes dark atmospheric folk music with lush sweeping dreamy soundscapes and Celtic-twinged instrumentation. His new album LAND OF EVERGONE strikes a balance that is intimate and soaring, peaceful and haunting, sad and quietly joyful, delicately reverberating with Murray's dreamy voice and guitar playing.


Review for 52 by Orellana

Orellana is a neo-classical/post-rock collective hailing from Bristol, UK. Their new album “52”, released in late December, brought in the new year with it’s explosive and intricate sound. The project’s music transcends genre definitions in order to focus on a broad, diverse concept that is more emotional than tangible. This particular release is full of rich and diverse arrangements, but it is also a powerful exercise in minimalism, one that showcases the strength of very few notes placed in the right spots. The simplicity of the arrangement is actually one of the strongest aspects of this entire release: there’s a palpable stillness created by the long, drone notes in the background, which almost makes you feel like the world is happening in slow motion. When the chords and notes change, it feels quite monumental due to the beautiful contrast between the stillness of the background textures and the expressive sound of the guitar-based melodies.



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