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AU4 – On: Audio

For brothers Ben, Aaron and Nathan Wylie and their friend Jason Nickel, music has always been a constant in their lives. As the Vancouver-based electronic ensemble Au4 (pronounced: oh-four, but some argue that ‘Au’ is the chemical symbol for the the element ‘Gold’ and ‘4’ represents the number of people in the band, so it may be read as ‘Gold Four’).

The four musicians have created a debut album that explores and celebrates the other endless forces that shape and bind us. On Audio, the group’s new full-length release, is an uplifting, ethereal trip through the rhythms of nature and the nature of dreams, mixing blissed-out ambience with melodic, fairytale songs.

Ben Wylie (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Aaron Wylie (keyboards, vocals), Nathan Wylie (drums, percussion) and Jason Nickel (bass, vocals, keyboards) grew up on music, each starting Royal Conservatory training at a young age. In high school, the boys formed the requisite alternative rock bands, while continuing their musical study and touring in jazz, choir and theatrical productions.

Jason and Nathan attended Capilano College’s Jazz Studies program, while Ben and Aaron began experimenting with the electronic loops and beats which would later morph into Au4.

Inspired in part by the electronica explosion, and landmark albums by Underworld, Massive Attack, Bjork, and Nine Inch Nails, Ben and Aaron (who was also DJing in Vancouver clubs) started writing with new tools, layering and shaping sounds late into the night.

Artist – AU4
Album – On: Audio
Release Date – 2006
Genre – Medio-core, Ambient, Shoegaze / Nugaze (BEAUTIFUL…)

1 Hit and Miss 6:43
2 A Mile From Here is a Hole Where I Buried Your Love 6:14
3 Everything Always Moving 5:06
4 An Ocean’s Measure of Sorrow 5:51
5 The Tree That Lived and Died Right Before My Eyes 4:57
6 Paer Cuts from Paper Butterflies 7:13
7 Undone by Dandelions 2:51
8 Of Dreams 5:47
9 One Thousand Rivers Flowing Further and Further Away 7:58
AU4 – On: Audio Password –
Growing ~ The Appleseed Cast ~ Eksperimentoj ~ Bersarin Quartett ~ Seven Percent Solution

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