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2011-10-14 13:25:58 UTC

Kwoon are one of those bands who are difficult not to appreciate. They fit into the lovely post-rock niche created by bands like [ Sigur Ros ] and [ Mono ] with their quiet personalities and good intentions, create beautiful artwork and packaging for their albums and, to top it off, they’re French. Knowing where the band fits in the musical spectrum, one may approach a Kwoon album with a set of expectations while also hoping that they will create a sound distinctive enough to distinguish themselves from the influences listed on their myspace page. While the band’s second full-length, When the Flowers were Singing..., delivers 50 minutes of delightful music, the album’s tendency toward predictability deters Kwoon from establishing themselves as a band with a unique vision.

In other words, if you’re a fan of any of the bands mentioned in the RIYL, chances are that you will find something to enjoy here. The opening three tracks represent the best songs that Kwoon have to offer, revealing the band’s passion for dramatic swells and ethereal atmospheres and climbing to emotional peaks that are unmatched throughout the album. The simple lyrics about nature, otherworldly landscapes and strange dreams along with the reserved vocals resembling a hushed Jonsi provide a soothing tone that flows comfortably above the strings, pianos and effect-laden guitars.

After the fantastic opening, the middle of the album stumbles a bit with tedious instrumentals (“When the Flowers were Singing...”) and a few simply average songs (“Memories of a Commander” and “Schizophrenic”). However, the celestial “Back from the Deep” is smooth and dreamy, while “Labyrinth of Wrinch” allows the band’s female cellist an opportunity to shine as a vocalist. Her delicate voice elevates the previously simplistic material and creates the most raw and vulnerable moments of the album, which are few and far between in most polished post-rock releases.

“Ayron Norya” is the band’s attempt at an epic conclusion in true Mono fashion; the song crescendos and decrescendos into predictable territory until it finally climaxes in a section that feels directly lifted from Sigur Ros’ ( ), rampant drum fills and all. “Finale” brings the album to a close in an unnecessary and unsettling mix of heavy breathing, electric wind and static that creates a puzzling conclusion to an otherwise straightforward release.

The album’s pros outweigh the cons, and When the Flowers were Singing... would fit perfectly on a shelf between Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros. Kwoon have all the elements for greatness, but they would ultimately benefit from a less obvious set of influences.

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For years and years I've been bragging on how beautiful the album [ Tales & Dreams ] is but now I have to say [ The Guillotine Show ] really makes [ Tales & Dreams ] look like a baby project. NOTE: This update doesn't pertain a download, it's for the sheer love of [ KWOON ] but you all know tools though... [ GOOGLE ] and please SUPPORT the band where ever possible. PHONEMENAL SOUND.

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Artist - Kwoon Album - The Guillotine Show [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Experimental, Post-rock [ MASSIVE ] Tracklist 01 - The Guillotine show 02 - Wark 03 - The last trip of a drunken Man 04 - Emily was the Queen 05 - Bird 06 - I Lived on the Moon (acoustic remix/remastered version) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOP ~ Kwoon - The Guillotine Show -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Kwoon Album - When The Flowers Were Singing [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2009 Genre - Experimental, Post-rock [ MASSIVE ] Tracklist 01 - Overture 02 - Great escape 03 - Frozen bird 04 - When the flowers were singing 05 - Memories of a commander 06 - Schizophrenic 07 - Back from the deep 08 - Labyrinth of Wrinch 09 - Ayron Norya 10 - Untitle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOP ~ Kwoon - When The Flowers Were Singing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- kwoon-tales-dreams Artist - Kwoon Album - Tales & Dreams [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2006 Genre - Slow-core, Sadcore, Medio-core, Post-rock [ MASSIVE ] Tracklist 01 Intro 1:47 02 I Lived on the Moon 4:32 03 Blue Melody 6:05 04 The Beast 5:36 05 Eternal Jellyfish Ballet 6:07 06 Last Sundown 3:05 07 Tinklëh 4:33 08 Tinklëh Skofa 1:49 09 The Door 3:34 10 Kwoon 5:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOP ~ Kwoon - Tales & Dreams -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Form And Fate | Boduf Songs | Barzin | Brael and Tokyo Bloodworm | The American Analog Set --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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