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Detwiije are a post-rock band from London, England.

Their first record was the self produced 4 track EP ‘Six is Better than Eight’. The first full length album was ‘Would you Rather be Followed by 40 Ducks for The Rest Of Your Life?’ and was released in April 2005 – on CD by Gizeh Records and 12” vinyl by vacuous pop recordings.

The band officially split in 2007 after a farewell gig in October at London’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen however, rumour has it that there is a chance of one-off gigs in the future when Shea crosses the pond to visit London.

Artist – Detwiije
Album – Would You Rather Be Followed by Forty Ducks for the Rest of Your Life?
Release Date – 2005
Genre – Instrumental, Experimenal, Post-rock

1 Would You Rather Be Followed by Forty Ducks for the Rest of Your Life? 6:31
2 Misspelt Dutch Architect 15:08
3 POP 3:24
4 La Guerre Des Mondes 14:57
Detwiije – Would You Rather Be Followed by Forty Ducks for the Rest of Your Life? Password –


Artist – Detwiije
Album – Six Is Better Than Eight
Release Date – 2004
Genre – Instrumental, Experimenal, Post-rock

1 Bee 4:55
2 La Guerre des Mondes 8:18
3 Six is Better Than Eight 4:22
4 Waltz 8:28
Detwiije – Six Is Better Than Eight Password –
Recommendations: If These Trees Could Talk ~ Scraps Of Tape ~ In A Nutshell ~ Moonlit Sailor ~ L’elan Vital

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