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California Stories Uncovered is five-piece Polish rock band formed at the turn of 2005 in Tczew, Poland. Self-released their first EP in April 2007. Played several shows around the country including Union of Rock Festival in Wegorzewo. In the meantime, Piotr Stelmach from Polish Radio Three invited CSU to take part in compilation called “Piotr Stelmach presents: Offensywa 2”.

Couple of months later Pawel joined the band. The new line-up played first gig at “Transvizualia” Festival in Gdynia. In October 2007 CSU also performed live at Polish Radio Three supported by additional musicians.

In 2008, apart from playing gigs in all major Polish cities, the band had the opportunity to give some shows outside the country (the Czech Republic, Finland, the UK). Played couple of festivals including “Heineken Opener” and “Jarocin Festiwal” in Poland as well as “Mathew Street Festival” and “Creamfields” in the UK.

Also, performed on one stage with such bands as This Will Destroy You, Caspian and iLiKETRAiNS. Finally, met fantastic people from KUKA Records – Polish independent label which is going to release CSU’s first full-length album.

Full of new experiences, ready to close themselves in the basement to rehearse and prepare material for an album. Going to release it early autumn 2009. Expect the unexpected… Stay tuned!

California Stories Uncovered is:
Paweł Plotta (guitar, voice, programming, textures)
Mikołaj Motylski (guitar)
Jakub Litwiński (bass)
Mateusz Szymański (guitar, voice, keyboards)
Eugeniusz Suchowarow (drums, programming, keyboards)


Artist – California Stories Uncovered
Album – Confabulations
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Post-rock

1 Honey Flavored
2 Meadow
4 The Moth
5 Mr. Ambulance Driver
6 Footsteps
7 Red
8 Small Bodies – Big Impact
9 Performance Review
California Stories Uncovered – Confabulations Password –


Artist – California Stories Uncovered
Album – California Stories Uncovered EP
Release Date – 2007
Genre – Post-rock

1 Untitled 1 5:54
2 Untitled 2 7:25
3 Untitled 3 2:51
4 Untitled 4 6:46
California Stories Uncovered – California Stories Uncovered EP Password –

Artist – California Stories Uncovered
Album – Live in Osiecka
Release Date – 2006
Genre – Post-rock

01 – Free Hugs (live @ Osiecka)
02 – Let’s Free Cannary (live @ Osiecka)
03 – My Cassiopeia (live @ Osiecka)
04 – Red (live @ Osiecka)
05 – The First Pink Yell (live @ Osiecka)
California Stories Uncovered – Live in Osiecka Password –
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MILLION THANKS for “Confabulations” Adi51

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