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Lo Fine – Not for Us Two


Slow-core alt-country group, Lo Fine, hail from Northampton, MA. Fronted by Kevin O’Rourke and containing members of Rehab Massachusetts, Spouse and Scud Mountain Boys, Lo Fine make beautiful contemplative music that is immediately familiar and comforting.

Artist – Lo Fine
Album – Not for Us Two
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Indie-folk, Mod-folk, Slowcore, Indie

01 Damage Twins
02 Over My Shoulder
03 Remotely Together
04 Runaway Lullabye
05 New Excuses
06 Words Like We
07 #37
08 Cemetery Road
09 Sight Behind Lids
10 My Favorite Illusion (Not for Us Two)
Lo Fine – Not for Us Two Password –
Truart – Volkssturm
Message To Bears
Centenaire – Centenaire
Rivulets – You Are My Home
Brael and Tokyo Bloodworm – Living Languages

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