The Spheres

2009-03-16 14:00:26 UTC
The Spheres are: Guy Harris (guitar, bass, clarinet, loops, samples, visuals) Susan Gamble (violin, violoncello, piano, loops, samples, visuals) Seth Rees (guitar, bass, loops, percussion, drums) Jonathon Murphy (bass, hand-percussion, drums) Sean Wyers (bass, hand-percussion, drums) Ben Mastwyk, Nestora Pentseris, Penne Thornton (projectionista) The Spheres are an experimental AV ensemble from Melbourne, Australia comprised of filmmakers, animators, multi-instrumentalists and expatriates collectively exploring the cross over between live music and visual projection. First forming in the Spring of 2002 the band quickly joined Melbourne's vibrant experimental musical community to offer not only a sound which blended noise and melody with a dynamic crescendo oriented style of composition but an accompanying visual element which has seen something similar to "the origins of the cinema" regularly recreated by the audiovisualists over the past 4 years in the smoky enclaves of Melbourne's live music scene. Initially playing loosely composed musical scores to visual loops dubbed to video, more recent performances have included additional ensemble members mixing and sequencing visual loops and silent short films live with an inventory of computers, distribution amplifiers, GEMs and a tangled web of leads carrying signal paths to projectors. Musical elements have gradually evolved over time to include a range of increasingly diverse instrumentation which experiment and utilise the tones/textures of strings, piano, guitar, bass, clarinet, bells, samples, drones, loops, hand percussion and drums. The Spheres debut CDVD release Audible Lines was launched in the winter of '06 and documents the initial creative tangents of the band in its original form as a three-piece. Recorded live at Thirty Mill Studios in Brunswick, the CD is accompanied by a DVD containing visual material and filmic works from the groups live set. Excited by the concept of the CDVD, Audible Lines is the first of what is to be numerous AV releases by The Spheres which explore the unique and inherently synchronistic relationship between sound and vision. --------------- ( One of my favorite band and "Cordate" is one of my favorite post-rock track. I'm sure the majority has this already but for those who haven't yet.... GET IT. ) --------------- the-spheres-audible-lines Artist - The Spheres Album - Audible Lines ( * * * * * ) Release Date - 2006 Genre - Instrumental, Experimental, Post-rock, Piano, Multi-instrumental Tracklist 1 Traverse The Sky In Three Great Steps (Part 1) 4:32 2 Traverse The Sky In Three Great Steps (Part 2) 6:10 3 Cordate 8:36 4 The Rain That Fell Last Night Made Me Fall From Love With You 17:41 The Spheres - Audible Lines Password - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the-spheres-a-song-for-your-sleep1 Artist - The Spheres Album - A Song For Your Sleep Release Date - 2009 Genre - Instrumental, Experimental, Post-rock, Piano, Multi-instrumental Tracklist 01 - A Song For Your Sleep - 15:17 The Spheres - A Song For Your Sleep Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: Let Airplanes Circle Overhead - Let Airplanes Circle Overhead Beast, Please Be Still - Beast, Please Be Still la vérité Goodnight, Sleep Well - The Recovery Crippled Of The Black Phoenix -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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