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2009-03-27 11:55:46 UTC
London, United Kingdom [ 2007 – present ] Formed in 2007, eaststrikewest are a band from London, UK and have released their first record [ W O L V V E S ] through Thirty Days of Night (UK) and Happy Prince (Japan) to critical acclaim in the press. eaststrikewest have spent much of 2010 touring the UK to promote their debut album [ W O L V V E S ] and have toured/played shows with the likes of This Will Destroy You, Caspian, Junius, And So I Watch You From Afar and Maybeshewill. They have also recently performed at some UK festivals including Hevy, Liverpool Sound City, Guilfest and Rhythms Of The World with the likes of Glassjaw, Gallows and The Invisible. eaststrikewest are: Vocals - Thomas Clark Guitar - Liam Davis Guitar/Keyboards - Steven Marciano Guitar - James Saddington Drums - Ian Smith Bass - Joseph Smyth WHAT THE MAGAZINES ARE SAYING ABOUT 'WOLVVES'... Rocksound Magazine - "It's rare that a band releases a debut full-length of such majesty it almost leaves you breathless. Stunning." [8/10] Big Cheese Magazine - "Eaststrikewest could well be one of the best bands in Britain you've never heard of." [★★★★] Nic Harcourt (LA Times Magazine/KCRW) - "I'm a sucker for big anthemic indie shoe-gaze pop songs and this fits the bill on all counts!" ~~~~~~~ ( Start with ROSA but do get BOTH. Fan of "Constants" ~ "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" ~ "Radius System" ~ "Cloud Archive" and the likes ). ~~~~~~~ Artist - Threemovements Album - Electricity Wiped Out Heaven [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2004 Genre - Post-rock, Experimental, Post-progressive [ BRILLIANT ] Tracklist 1 Awaken 1:25 2 Metropolis 4:33 3 6922 / 23 8:17 4 Ascension 5:15 5 Alaskan Morning Comes Only Twice a Year 1:21 6 Fourmovements 8:45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Threemovements - Electricity Wiped Out Heaven -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- eaststrikewest - w o l v v e s Artist - eaststrikewest Album - w o l v v e s Release Date - 2009 Genre - Progressive-rock, Post-rock, Shoegaze Tracklist 01. God Can't Take His Eyes Off Me 02. Stumble 03. Welcoming The Ghosts 04. Chu! 05. The Architect 06. Every Word and Whisper Said 07. Electricity 08. From Here You Can See Everything -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- eaststrikewest - w o l v v e s Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- eaststrikewest-rosa Artist - eaststrikewest Album - Rosa Release Date - 2008 Genre - Post-rock, Progressive-rock, Sheogaze Tracklist 1 Rosa 2 Oceans -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- eaststrikewest - Rosa Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J’envoie ~ The Observatory ~ Theta ~ They Don’t Sleep ~ Alla Polacca --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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