Encre - Flux

2009-03-27 12:49:30 UTC
Yann Encre is a great paradox. In France, no one can really put him into any category. Yann’s music encompasses Gainsbourg and Jacques Brel’s songwritings, Leonard Cohen or Bill Callahan’s folk, Rachel’s neo-classicism, Nico’s bewitching melodies, Lee Hazlewood’s gloomy arrangements and organic electronica’s preciseness. Almost three years after its first album, he releases a truly ambitious and polished up new opus that blends delicate organic instrument fragments and tighly knit collages with an unequalled complex syntax. FLUX is the outcome of a spontaneous as well as perfectionist process (only slightly outlined by the first opus). Its eight atypical orchestral pieces are overall more instrumental and focus on the blurring of the so far tangible bounderies between the secquenced and the played, by applying sequencer syntax to the most carnal tones. Words evoque individual flight and tumble on themselves into a well orchestrated chaos. encre-flux Artist - Encre Album - Flux Release Date - 2004 Genre - Experimental, Indie, Post-rock influence, Dark-electro, Chillout Tracklist 1 Flux 2 Marbres 3 Hassan 4 Us 5 Galant(es?) 6 Sèves 7 Missive Bis 8 Plexus ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Encre - Flux Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: The Aloof Deaf Center Triosk Lawrence English - Kiri No Oto Bohren & der Club of Gore -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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