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American Green – Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears EP


My artist name is “American Green”. It is one of my favorite colours. I started composing music with DAW a few years ago. I played as a drummer in a band before that. This is my first EP. Electric guitar, the keyboard, and other machine parts were used for this EP. I love music such as Post-Rock, Electronica, Ambient, Alternative, Bossa Nova, Emo, Melodic Core, and more. I hope to be making music after this EP that is warmer and more analog.

And, I am also producing music by a band called “blend ables”. All of my music project are only available via the Internet at the moment.

————–( Easy / enjoyable listen… )————–

Artist – American Green
Album – Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears EP
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Indietronica, Medio-core, Post-rock

1.Leaves And Drops
An easy tune which leads into “Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears” and makes it an easy listen. Therefore, the BPM of these tunes was made the same.

2.Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears
This tune is an anti-war tune. I hope for peace.

3.Dance Around April Petals
This tune is Inspired by cherry blossoms.

4.Neighborhood(memo rec.)
I recorded this tune to not forget the phrase hit upon momentarily.

5.Noon And Terracotta
Even I am surprised because a mechanical sound like this works surprisingly well for this tune.

6.The Last Home Room Hour
This tune was made when graduating from my high school and imagining the sound.

This tune is influenced by bossa nova. I did not think that this tune would become so close to pop. And, the flower language of the marigold “lives”. The concept is “Happy life” , “Pleasure where it lives”.
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