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Stearica – Oltre


Stearica is a three-piece band from Turin, Italy. Their music combines visionary musical landscapes with agressive explosions. Their deep sound has been developing during the past 10 years intense live activity also thanks to the fact that they toured with legendary independent bands like Nomeansno, GirlsAgainstBoys, The Ex, Karate, Acid Mothers Temple, Tarentel etc.

Their first full-length album ‘Oltre’ is a ten songs work presenting the ability of the band to explore different music attitudes producing a never-stopping sonic flow.

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Artist – Stearica
Album – Oltre
Release Date – 2007
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Experimental

01 Le donne non s’offrono
02 Sky Smokes Clouds
03 Bolero on botero
04 E ogni cosa scompare
05 Up East
06 Beyond the Red Bells I’ve Heard Gold Bells
07 W. The King of Assholes
08 22nd August
09 21st August
10 Occhio
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