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One Hour Before The Trip – Demo

one hour before the trip, a project that features musicians, engineers and visual artists, tries to combine the “indy” – as in independence – mentality and musical approach with the technical self-sufficiency in terms of equipment, facilities and manpower, that members of the project consider a vital prerequisite for the term “independence” to have any essential meaning.

In an effort to be consistent with that concept, ‘one hour before the trip’ had built their own recording and rehearsal studio, following the “room in a room” trend in sound engineering, and have been trying to equip it adequately ever since. Furthermore, the band itself, took the initiative in trying to establish certain relationships with certain people – ranging from those with technical background and experience as engineers, to others with their own similar artistic visions and demands – and made an effort to invite and provocate them into playing an active role in the development of the project.

————— ( I know… what’s up with all these promo’s and demo’s, what happen to full length release? Believe me guys THIS IS WORTHY. By the time I reached 03 – Fleur De Lis. I was completely stunned. ) —————

Artist – One Hour Before The Trip
Album – Demo
Release Date – ???
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock

01 – As You Were Missing – 14:32
02 – Boola Boo – 04:29
03 – Fleur De Lis – 08:36
04 – Yen – 04:57
One Hour Before The Trip – Demo Password –
Loss of a Child
Lanterna – Lanterna
Lakes Of Russia
Dawn Chorus Ignites – Signs
Krobak / Somnolent – Split

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