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Destroyalldreamers was founded in the summer of 2002 in Montreal, Canada, by Eric Quach (guitar) and Shaun Doré (drums). Their first compositions were later embellished with the addition of Mathieu Grisé on guitar and Michèle Martin on bass, which led to the recording of their first full-length album À Cœur Léger Sommeil Sanglant by Patrick Lacharité (Below the Sea) in early 2004. It was released later the same year on Montreal’s label Where Are My Records (Barzin, Epic45, Readymade, etc.).

The following year, Destroyalldreamers rode the success of their critically acclaimed debut album, and is offered numerous studio projects to keep them busy. Eric Quach took over the band’s production duties with the help of Shaun Doré, Shane Whitbread & Martin Valence. Most of the year was spent on pre-production, live performances and learning how to produce.

The resulting studio tracks were used for the aforementioned projects that all saw their release in 2006, which included: a contribution to the shoegaze-homage compilation “Never Lose That Feeling, Volume 2” (other artists includes Hammock, Sing-Sing, etc.) released by ClubAC30 (UK); a contribution for the Propergol Y Colargol rework compilation “Ode to Roger” (other artists includes Eluvium, giardini di miro, Helios, etc.) released by diesel combustible/Autres Directions In Music (France); a 12” vinyl EP titled “Glare/Halo” released on Claire’s Echo (USA)


Artist – Destroyalldreamers
Album – A cœur léger sommeil sanglant
Release Date – 2004
Genre – Post-rock, Experimental

1 – Zeta Reticuli Express
2 – Orage
3 – Victoire Sur Le Soleil
4 – Facultatives Imaginaires, En Robe Et En Éclats
5 – The Sky Was Glorious For A Moment
6 – Destroy All Dreamers
7 – Swirling Colours Sink
8 – Sombrer Dans La Folie
9 – Ghost Guitar In the Shell
Destroyalldreamers – A cœur léger sommeil sanglant Password –


Artist – Destroyalldreamers
Album – Wish I was All Flames
Release Date – 2007
Genre – Post-rock, Experimental

01 Wish I Was All Flames 3:37
02 Cendres en transe 3:00
03 Automne 4:26
04 A Summer Without You 4:22
05 Le pianiste météorologique 3:52
06 My Eyes Were on the Dance Floor 3:45
07 Perdre est une question de méthode 7:12
08 Her Brother Played the Riot (Part One) 6:16
09 Her Brother Played the Riot (Part Two) 5:12
10 Her Brother Played the Riot (Part Three)
Destroyalldreamers – Wish I was All Flames Password –


Artist – Destroyalldreamers
Album – Glare / Halo
Release Date – 2007
Genre – Post-rock, Experimental

1 Her Brother Played the Riot 15:58
2 Dead on Arrival 6:22
3 A Summer Without You 4:13
4 A la guerre comme a la mer 6:25
Destroyalldreamers – Glare / Halo Password –
Natsat – Angle
These Monsters
We’re From Japan
THANKS for filling the missing one’s DanaSince1979…

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