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* * * * * Fly Pan Am * * * * *


Montreal, Canada (1996 – 2006)

Fly Pan Am, or Le Fly Pan Am, is a Canadian experimental rock band formed in Montreal in 1996. They released their albums through the Montreal-based Constellation Records, producing and collaborating on works with the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Shalabi Effect.

The band was formed in 1996 by guitarists Jonathan Parant and Roger Tellier-Craig, drummer Felix Morel, and bassist Jean-Sebastian Truchy. Eric Gingras would later on join the band in 2002, contributing guitar and percussion.

They shared personnel with Godspeed You! Black Emperor until guitarist Roger Tellier-Craig left Godspeed You! Black Emperor in 2003 to concentrate full time on Fly Pan Am. In 2005, Roger Tellier-Craig and Eric Gingras began the french psychedelic kraut-pop outfit known as Pas Chic Chic along with other members of Montreal’s illustrious music scene.

The band is noticeably influenced by the French Canadian culture of Quebec, as well as the burgeoning avant-garde musical scene in Montreal. French is the predominant language used in producing albums and writing lyrics, with English peppered throughout.

The track titles on past records, as stated by Roger Tellier-Craig, were written in a way to interpret the song, which Tellier-Craig concedes was “lost on most listeners” due to the French used. Unorthodox electronic sounds, occasionally provided by Alexandre St-Onge, intersect the music and often serve to confuse the listener.

————– ( From the land of Godspeed and collaborating with the like of Shalabi Effect. That alone tells a lot ). ————–

Artist – Fly Pan Am
Album – Fly Pan Am
Release Date – 1999
Genre – Experimental, Post-rock

1 L’espace au Sol Est Redessiné par D’Immenses Panneaux Bleus 13:30
2 Et Aussi L’éclairage De Plastique Au Centre De Tout Ces Compartiments Latéraux 9:29
3 Dans Ses Cheveux Soixantes Circuits 17:45
4 Bibi À Nice, 1921 9:57
5 Nice Est En Feu! 9:35
Fly Pan Am – Fly Pan Am Password –


Artist – Fly Pan Am
Album – Ceux qui inventent n’ont jamais vécu (?)
Release Date – 2002
Genre – Experimental, Post-rock

1 Jeunesse sonique, tu dors (En cage) 1:32
2 Rompre l’indifference de l’inexitable avant que l’on vienne rompre le sommeil de l’inanime 10:53
3 Partially Sabotaged Distraction partiellement sabotée 4:15
4 Univoque/Équivoque 5:41
5 Arcades-Pamelor 3:41
6 Sound-Support Surface Noises Reaching Out to You 7:15
7 Erreurs; Errance; Interdits de par leurs nouvelles possibilites 4:33
8 La vie se doit d’être vecue ou commençons a vivre 6:41
Fly Pan Am – Ceux qui inventent n’ont jamais vécu (?) Password –

Artist – Fly Pan Am
Album – Live at La Salla Rossa, Montréal
Release Date – 2004
Genre – Experimental, Post-rock

01. Intro
02. (unknown)
03. Pas à pas step until
04. Efferant Afferant
05. Vos rêves revers
06. (unknown)
07. (unknown)
08. Jonathan est toujours plein d’effets
09. Brûlez suivant, suivante !
10. (unknown)
11. Encore 1
12. Encore 2, Outro
Fly Pan Am – Live at La Salla Rossa, Montréal Password –


Artist – Fly Pan Am
Album – N’écoutez pas
Release Date – 2004
Genre – Experimental, Post-rock

01 Brulez suivant, suivante! 4:27
02 Ex eleveur de renards argents 2:03
03 Autant zig-zag 11:02
04 Buvez nos larmes de metal 1:38
05 Pas a pas step until 5:26
06 Ö 2:13
07 Tres tres “retro” 11:02
08 Vos reves revers 6:05
09 Ce sale desir efile qui sortant de ma bouche 3:09
10 Le faux pas aimer vous souhaite d’etre follement ami 1:18
Fly Pan Am – N’écoutez pas Password –
Echoes – Echoes
Her Name Is Calla
The Observatory
Défilé des Âmes – Lust ‘n’ Stone
Thanks for filling in “N’écoutez pas” release danasince1979…

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