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[ My Dad vs. Yours ] Music begins where words end. With their first full length, [ My Dad vs. Yours ] force down post-rock barricades to a state where pop melodies take precedence over orchestral crescendos; where electronic beats, slide guitar and shoegaze co-exist in vibrant harmony where instrumentals can incite sing-alongs.

Recorded over the marrow-chilling months of 2005-06, After Winter Must Come Spring is tulips pushing through a late thaw. It is the sound of intense expectation that focuses not on escape but upon communal re-alignment. Though not a movement, it draws upon the social energies behind one: sometimes sullen, often celebratory, always self-aware and questioning boundaries.

” After Winter Must Come Spring ” was recorded and mixed by Howard Bilerman & Efrim Menuck at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango [ Wolf Parade ]~ [ Arcade Fire ] ~ [ Godspeed You! Black Emperor ].

The first [ My Dad vs. Yours ] EP ” Winning Hearts and Minds ” earned the group sound indie credibility. They taped two songs for Canada’s underground art program, ZedTV; the album was released through Duotone Records in Japan; and it received regular airplay by American radio guru, Nic Harcourt.

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Artist – My Dad vs. Yours
Album – Little Symphonies
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock


01. En Plein Soleil
02. Hip to Hip
03. Ghost Horse
04. Nonno
05. Wildcat Strike
06. Against Tide and Wind
07. Born Upward (Time Flies)
08. Happy Wanderer
09. Carry the Weight
10. Little Symphonies
11. (ending)
My Dad vs. Yours – Little Symphonies


Artist – My Dad vs. Yours
Album – After Winter Come Spring
Release Date – 2006
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock

1 Habla Paisano
2 Bellicose
3 The Harder We Work…
4 …the Behinder We Get
5 Tanz Mit Uns
6 No Farm No Food No Future
7 In My Arms We Shall Begin
8 Spinners
My Dad vs. Yours – After Winter Come Spring Password –
The Halifax Pier ~ Lights At Sea ~ Technicolor Skies ~ Docks ~ On Travel

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