***** Ahkmed - Distance *****

2009-05-28 14:36:16 UTC
POST STONER. Swirling, fuzzy space rock travelling to the planets of "Hawkwind", "Pink Floyd", "Kyuss" and "Mogwai". -------------------- ( Definitely 5 stars to the square. Everyone should GET THIS right now. Honestly guys... I wouldn't want anyone to miss this ). -------------------- Artist - Ahkmed Album - Distance ( * * * * * ) Release Date - 2009 Genre - Space-rock, Post-rock, Post-metal Tracklist 01. - Strega 02. - Saltwater 03. - Iemanja 04. - Soma 05. - Caldera 06. - Temple 07. - Distance Ahkmed - Distance Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: Telemetrics - Callsign: 65:41 Bardo Pond Grails Surface of Eceon Ships Of Fools - Out There Somewhere ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MILLION THANKS GIAA... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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These Are But Dreaming Men, Breathe and They Fade by Patkus

Somewhere at the intersection of modern classical, ambient, and post-rock, Philadelphia-based guitarist Patkus evokes nostalgia and contemplation through pulsating swirls of melody that pierce through clouds of harmonic distortion. "These Are But Dreaming Men, Breathe and They Fade" is Patkus' third full-length album, building upon the idiosyncratic blend of influences and composition techniques heard on 2015's "Colors." Dedicated to the loss of his beloved grandmother, "These Are But Dreaming Men, Breathe and They Fade" mirrors Patkus' journey from loss to acceptance; a search for catharsis tinged with hope.



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