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Bird From The Abyss

” Bird from the Abyss ” From Finland, a land where nighttime dominates the dayside and where inside deep, dark forests still dwell the ancient creatures of the mythological north.

But the music of BFTA is more exotic, more mediteranean – it’s aura is one culled from the ancient Egyptian ethos, it’s ritualistic nature is foreboding and sinister. When one hears the music of BFTA. They will uncover many styles from doom to ambient to folk to progressive- all synthesized and textured in a way which births a new and completely original dark sound.

~~~~~~~~~ ( ” Neck-Deep in Swampy Mud ” on Title III is about 12 odd mins and facing this track with complete emotions felt like an eternity of sounds put together and played over 12 mins.

[ Super Abstract SOUND ]. ” III ” is literally a journey and half. Do expect ” II ” to surface real soon. Never mind the recommendations as [ BFTA ] blows in a slightly different angle. I mean POWERFUL angle. [ MySpace ] | [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~~

Artist – Bird From The Abyss
Album – III [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Instrumental, Experimental, Psychedelic, Drone, Psychedelic-drone, Dark-core, Dark-ambient [ EXCELLENT ]

01 Neck-Deep in Swampy Mud
02 Powers Hidden
03 Interlude from Abandoned Well
Bird From The Abyss – III


Artist – Bird From The Abyss
Album – I
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Istrumental, Experimental, Psychedelic, Stoner, Dark-folk, Doom

01 – Intro Beginning At Center Of The Chaos Azathoth And Flute
02 – Song To The Great Black Fox
03 – Ways Of Slaughter
04 – Abdul Alhazreds Anxiety
Bird From The Abyss – I Password –
Recommendations: Ruined Machines ~ Comets On Fire ~ Stinking Lizaveta ~ Monkey 3
THANKS “Bird From The Abyss”. Different but HELL GOOD.


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