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2011-12-01 12:15:45 UTC

Naikaku was formed in August 1998 led by Satoshi Kobayashi. After the first gig at Yokohama Club 24, the band started organizing their own events such as "Instrumental Festival", "Instrumental Freak" etc. holding 1-3 gigs a month and grew its own community.

The Band who continues to evolve music into something new. By adding the more artistic visual images on the sounds of Progressive Rock where lyrical "stillness"and technical "movement" are well harmonized while it changes the scene dramatically and unrestrictedly, Their sound will capture your attention and let you sink your mind into a musical sojourn where the artistic mind can be absorbed by the listeners senses.

Their theme is to create the musical/visual space which leads us to artistic "Cubism's world" expressed by painting art. They create the sounds inspired from the painting arts and create the visual arts from the sounds simultaneously.

Thus, they take a trip to a place and back between visual images and the auditory senses, where they enjoy quite fresh expressions. Their chaotic sounds should not be classified in any conventional categories or genre. Have a Nice Trip to your Internal Nuclear Space!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < < < < < [ PROGRESSIVE BLAST AT ITS BEST. GET THEM BOTH ]. > > > > > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

naikaku-shell Artist - Naikaku Album - Shell ( * * * * * ) Release Date - 2006 Genre - Instrumental, Experimental, Progressive, Progressive-jazz, Post-jazz [ BRILLIANT ] Tracklist 1 Crisis 051209 - 15:18 2 ルサンチマン - Ressentiment - 8:54 3 すっげー深い穴を見つけたんだ!今から飛降りるよ。存在証明なんかじゃない、この深さなら誰にも見付かる事はないだろ?生まれてしまった償いをしなきゃいけねぇんだ、生きる事と死ぬ 事によって。俺はもう立派に一つの精神として立った。これ以上殺生を繰り返す理由なんて何処にもみつからねぇよ。そもそも人は今しか生きられねぇ、常に生きているのは今だ。でも「今ここ」と想ったその瞬間には既に過去になっているわけで、次々に未来が押し寄せては今を認識する間もなく過去になる。「生」という刹那を証明するのは不可能だろ。証明しようとする時には常に過去のモノとなり生きていたという記憶にすぎねぇ。つー事は生きていようと死んでいようとそんなもんどっちだって同じじゃねーか。だったら俺は希望に向かってスペシャルダイブ! - 7:01 4 レーテ - Lethe - 9:01 5 殻 - Kara (Shell) - 16:28 6 トートロジー - Tautrogy - 3:47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naikaku - Shell Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- naikaku-e9818be591bde381aee6b3a2 Artist - Naikaku Album - 運命の波 (Unmei no Wa) [Wheel of Fortune] ( * * * * * ) Release Date - 2003 Genre - Instrumental, Experimental, Progressive, Progressive-jazz, Post-jazz [ BRILLIANT ] Tracklist 1 プリーズ! [Please] 6:03 2 要するに「見え方」変えただけだろ?その表面の薄っぺらい部分だけだろ?モダンだろうがポストモダンだろうがんなこたぁ、どうだっていいんだよ。お前らカエレ!皆あの海にカエレ!! - Yōsuruni ''Miekata'' Kaeta Dakedaro? Sono Hyōmen no Usupperai Bubun Dake Daro? Modern Darō ga Post Modern Darō ga Nnakotā, Dōdatte Iindayo. Omaera Kaere! Mina Ano Umi ni Kaere!! [In short, You've just changed......] 13:14 3 Memory 6:05 4 ゴミ箱には629項目入っていて、ディスクを380.1MB使用しています。これらの項目を完全に消去してもよろしいですか? - Gomibako Niwa 628 Kōmoku Haitteite, Disk o 380.1MB Shiyō Shiteimasu. Korera no Kōmoku o Kanzen ni Shōkyo Shitemo Yoroshii Desuka? [629 Items in Trash Can and Using 380.1MB. Want to Delete These Items?] 4:27 5 Crisis 13:31 6 ちっぽけな自我を - Chippoke na Jiga o [Tiny Ego] 3:51 7 Seven Menutes Squeezer 10:30 8 Hocus Pocus 4:22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naikaku - 運命の波 (Unmei no Wa) [Wheel of Fortune] Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: The Six Strings Sonic Land Of Kush Losalios Bluebridge Quarted contemporary Noise Quintet --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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