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Mooncake is a Moscow post-rock band founded early 2006 comprised of two guitars, a bass, cello/keyboards and drums. Since then the band has made a name for itself having developed its own style and become quiet popular among connoisseurs of genre both home and abroad. Most critics emphasize that Mooncake have successfully revised such conservative genre as post-rock and its clichés. In the end the band came up with its own style and sound that one can easily recognize. Their tracks are very atmospheric complying fast, positive and catchy melodies on the one hand and basilisk, ponderate canvases on the other. The ideal balance between rapture and grief has always been Mooncake's distinctive feature.

By now Mooncake performed at one stage together with such bands as Explosions In The Sky, Russian Circles, God Is An Astronaut, Mum, Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Dalek. In summer 2007 Mooncake released their debut single "More Oxygen, I Said..." that was warmly welcomed by listeners and received promising reviews. Since then Mooncake started performing permanently at top clubs of Moscow like "16 Tons", "B2", "Ikra", "B1", etc.

In February 2008 the band began recording its first LP. By May 2008 the CD "Lagrange Points" was finally released. The LP was deeply appreciated both by listeners and critics. - the largest resource on instrumental music - published a rapt review of "Lagrange Points" having graded it 8 points out of possible 10. Later in summer 2008 Mooncake was signed to an independent US label "Cavity Records" that released a digital version of "Lagrange Points".


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Finally... Moscow's, Mooncake returns with the eight track album; Zaris. The main idea of the band’s music is to open the door to infinite space and cosmos in any everyday thing. Catchy melodies, atmosphere, the ideal balance between rapture and grief: all this has always been Mooncake's distinctive feature. Professionals of the music industry have already highly rated the new work by Mooncake – “Amazing space rock from Moscow” – John Davis of Metropolis Mastering, London, UK (worked with U2, Prodigy, Lana del Rey). In their new album you can hear fresh recordings of "Zaris" and "Cast The Route" and six new songs.

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Mooncake - Zaris Artist - Mooncake Album - Zaris [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2013 Genre - Instrumnetal, Post-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1. Zaris 05:13 2. Gazania Blossom 07:42 3. Cast The Route 10:09 4. Rf 104 11:12 5. Life Aquatic 07:17 6. Chess Knight 05:24 7. Dimension of Miracles 11:35 8. Dissolution's Gone 12:45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TURBOBIT Mooncake - Zaris BANDCAMP STREAM & PURCHASE Mooncake - Zaris -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mooncake - Acoustic Artist - Mooncake Album - Acoustic Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumnetal, Post-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1. Nine Billion Names... (to A. Clarke) 05:57 2. Turquoise 06:08 3. Mandarin 07:25 4. Novorossiysk 1968 05:38 5. Zaris 05:19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Mooncake - Acoustic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mooncake-lagrange-points Artist - Mooncake Album - Lagrange Points Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumnetal, Post-rock, Experimental Tracklist 01 Nine Billion Names... (To A. Clarke) 6:12 02 L2 1:37 03 Message From Arecibo 5:22 04 Rain in the Ashtray 5:57 05 L1 1:27 06 444 5:29 07 Novorossiysk 1968 5:53 08 L4 1:09 09 Mandarin 7:47 10 L3 1:06 11 The Horizons 8:10 12 L5 1:07 13 Short Stories of Methuselah Tree 9:20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Mooncake - Lagrange Points FILEFACTORY Mooncake - Lagrange Points Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mooncake - More Oxygen I Said Artist - Mooncake Album - More Oxygen, I Said... (re-issue) [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumnetal, Post-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1 More Oxygen, I Said... 5:18 2 Mooncake 3:20 3 Rain in the Ashtray 5:55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Mooncake - More Oxygen, I Said... FILEFACTORY Mooncake - More Oxygen, I Said... Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mooncake - Zaris Cast The Route Artist - Mooncake Album - Zaris / Cast The Route Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumnetal, Post-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1. Zaris 05:15 2. Mooncake 03:21 3. Cast The Route 10:00 4. Turquoise 08:31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Mooncake - Zaris / Cast The Route FILEFACTORY Mooncake - Zaris / Cast The Route Password - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MCK --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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