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Solar Powered People is a four piece rock/shoegaze band from the Central Valley of California. Emerging from a previous band, Apollo Trigger, Ryan Coscia, Doug McKinnon, and Tony Pennington created the solid foundation that is now Solar Powered People over three years ago.

Dustin Morris was added into the fold within the last year and has helped the band reach the perfect blend of atmosphere and rock. Fresh from recording their second full-length, Living Through the Low, Solar Powered People are poised to launch into a bright future that should eclipse their already well accomplished past.

At a live Solar Powered People show, the audience can expect an experience similar to receiving a hug from a friendly grizzly bear. The sound the band produces is enveloping, warm and powerful with just enough grit to leave a few claw marks. Some of the songs cut through the atmosphere with pace and power, while others sweep and swirl, wrapping the listener into a haze of sound.

The various levels of volume, pace and space are anchored by two consistent elements. The always-solid rhythm section provided by Coscia and McKinnon give every song a sturdy backbone. Coscia’s powerful drumming and McKinnon’s tasteful bass lines are the rails on which each song can successfully roll from.

The second consistent element is the melodic hooks layered into the guitars. There are no pointless notes in Morris’ or Pennington’s guitar lines. The weaving of guitar parts gives the listener many layers to uncover while listening.

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Artist – Solar Powered People
Album – Living Through the Low [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Shoegaze, Post-rock

01. Solar Powered People – Melting Ice And Snow
02. Solar Powered People – Dark Disguise
03. Solar Powered People – Stars Don’t Complain
04. Solar Powered People – Docile
05. Solar Powered People – Wash Out
06. Solar Powered People – You Were Right
07. Solar Powered People – Counting Down Days
08. Solar Powered People – Submarine
09. Solar Powered People – Out Of Time
Solar Powered People – Living Through the Low Password –


Artist – Solar Powered People
Album – Solar Powered People [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2007
Genre – Post-rock, Shoegaze, “Some says Atmospheric-indie”

1. Start The Cycle
2. They’ll Never Say
3. Commercial Flight
4. Dilute
5. Awhile
6. Last Day In Love
7. Picture Fade
8. Turn Back
9. Hibernation
Solar Powered People – Solar Powered People Password –
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