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Phideaux is a band comprised of many friends who have known each other since early childhood (Phideaux Xavier and Valerie Gracious were in nursery school together). They produce recordings of adventurous art rock music. They have seven albums, each unique in sound and content (An eighth called “7½” is nearly finished).

Phideaux creates mysterious and melodic music for the sheer love of it, independently releasing recordings which have been complimented for capturing the essence of classic rock music while remaining modern and distinctive. A dark wave of progressive music for the post-punk generation, the mesmerizing and eclectic sound of Phideaux have been described as funny, serious, doomy, derivative, innovative, pretentious, goth-tinged space folk “prog” rock…

They are inspired by mellotrons and flutes and keyboard heavy music but also love dual lead guitar and power chords. Syncopation and tricky time signatures are sometimes utilized but always there is melody to be hummed and riffs to invade your ears and mind. The lyrics tell stories, sometimes clearly, sometimes abstrusely, but always with an intent to spark an image or metaphor.

Summer Solstice 2009 brought us Number Seven, the seventh recording product of Phideaux. This album is a continuation of the long form compositions found on Doomsday Afternoon and Chupacabras. It represents another foray into progressive rock, with perhaps a good dollup of chamber jazz and classic rock. I think you will be surprised!

———– ( Shouted few days ago. Totally worthy. Good mix of Alternative / Chamber rock / Post-rock, you name it. Do not skip this one…. plenty of lyrics but still rediculously GOOD. Get it ). ————


Artist – Phideaux
Album – Number Seven
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Alternative, Chamber-rock, Post-rock, Piano

1 Dormouse – A Theme 1:05
2 Waiting for the Axe to Fall 19:20
3 Darkness at Noon 4:00
4 Gift of the Flame 6:00
5 Thermonuclear Cheese 2:30
6 The Search for Terrestrial Life 8:30
7 Love Theme From “Number Seven” 14:20
8 Infinite Supply 5:05
9 Dormouse – An End 2:00
Phideaux – Number Seven Password –


Artist – Phideaux
Album – Doomsday Afternoon
Release Date – 2007
Genre – Alternative, Indie, Post-rock influence

01 Micro Softdeathstar 11:17
02 The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Part One) 3:01
03 Candybrain 4:06
04 Crumble 2:55
05 The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Part Two) 8:08
06 Thank You for the Evil 9:18
07 A Wasteland of Memories 2:22
08 Crumble 2:55
09 Formaldehyde 8:17
10 Microdeath Softstar 14:40
Phideaux – Doomsday Afternoon Password –

The Great Leap

Artist – Phideaux
Album – The Great Leap
Release Date – 2006
Genre – Alternative, Indie, Post-rock influence

01 Wake Up 4:03
02 You and Me Against a World of Pain 5:35
03 The Waiting 3:33
04 Abducted 6:10
05 Rainboy 6:15
06 I Was Thinking 4:24
07 Long and Lonely Way 4:18
08 They Hunt You Down 3:54
09 Tannis Root 4:52
10 One Star 5:14
11 Last 5:50
Phideaux – The Great Leap Password –
Esteban Device
Last Harbour
You Already Know
THANKS Hotblack… Love this one pal.

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