A Death Cinematic - Epochs Shifting Out Of Time

2009-07-31 13:05:03 UTC
A Death Cinematic is just one man with a single guitar, an amp, and some effects. all the sounds come from these four elements which are then mixed with intuition and improvisation before they are recorded and then cleaned up minimally on a computer. once these sounds are recorded and arranged they cannot be recreated. each composition is made up of multiple layers which are shifted and changed between tracks. this makes it impossible to reproduce them. the approach is not unlike one might use to make a painting or a sculpture. not all mistakes are eliminated, some are embraced and built upon as others might only slightly be covered or changed in order to produce a whole new effect. some influences include but are not limited to things fading away. things regenerating. things catching fire. things grinding together into oblivion. lots of different types of music and bands (too many to mention). books. the poetics of space. specific films (also too many to mention). rain. long two lane highways. solitude. melancholia. how light moves throughout the day. tiny little particles that make up everything. death as the road to awe. death as the act of creation. all the dead stars in the night skies still throwing light against our eyes. the man behind a death cinematic is also the man behind simple box construction. this aspect of the project is focused on all the visual and design artwork. this includes anything from photography to t shirt printing and design. all handmade cd packaging design and fabrication as well as small edition hand book binding and printing. both projects embrace the DIY aesthetic and sensibilities. often times forgoing professional production in order to focus on emotional impact of expression through sounds and visuals. a death cinematic has worked and released split albums with several artist and labels. some artists include: beyond the black ocean, obscuritan design, hemingway and will include sons of alpha centuri and the crowned heads of europe. some labels include: witchhouse records, winepress records, pocket change records and dead accents records. a death cinematic has contributed tracks to numerous compilations most of which are available for free download. OUT NOW: a death cinematic full length titled: A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS. Self Release. (two discs) -------------------- ( Eclectic drone-laden brilliance. Clean guitars awash ambient drone and samples. Truely wonderful improvisations keep this album feeling fresh for every listen ). -------------------- A Death Cinematic - Epochs Shifting Out Of Time Artist - A Death Cinematic Album - Epochs Shifting Out Of Time Release Date - 2007 Genre - Experimental, Ambient, Drone, Instrumental Tracklist 01 Thus It Begins 0:58 02 Ebbing Through the Time of the Elephants 6:28 03 The Ashes Roar in the Fires 2:26 04 In the West the Winds Roll on Thunderous Clouds 3:50 05 ...And All the Leaves Tremble (With the Dawn Sirens) 10:26 06 So Is, The Marching Eclipse of the Sun 4:19 07 Tectonic Shifts 3:17 08 Cascading, The Torrents of Days 3:01 09 But to the Gods These Failures Are Torn by Death 7:03 10 From Beneath the Mountains They Attack 3:00 11 Setting the Slow Burn 2:03 12 The Forests Weep for Their Trees Are Burning 3:23 13 Thus It Never Ends 1:33 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A Death Cinematic - Epochs Shifting Out Of Time Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: Echoes Of Yul ~ Nadja ~ Eluvium ~ I Create Soundscape ~ Escape The Day ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cheers Ed... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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