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Piers – Sleeping On The Undercurrent

Piers - Sleeping On The Undercurrent

“Piers” is a solo effort of music that began in the late months of 2007. The initial deos were reccoded in early 2008. This is the first release from the project. A seven track collections of songs which were written, performed and recorded by Max Buchanan.

———————- ( Piers is what you hear when your walking home in the rain, with the anticipation of being warm and dry. The reverberating guitars put you in a far off place that is miserable, yet so full of hope ). ———————-

Artist – Piers
Album – Sleeping On The Undercurrent
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Instrumental, Ambient, Post-rock

01 liverpool city.
02 to swim in a lake of hope.
03 how to converse with a mannequin. (parts 1,2&3)
04 paris. (interlude one)
05 lost time.
06 overcoming undercurrents.
07 sheer.
Piers – Sleeping On The Undercurrent Password –
Lakes Of Russia
One Hour Before The Trip
Thanks Ed…

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