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From Wikipedia - Ida is an American indie rock band from New York City. The group formed in Brooklyn in 1992 as the duo of Daniel Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell. Later Karla Schickele and Michael Littleton (Daniel's brother, nicknamed "Miggy") joined the group. In 1999 Michael left the group to pursue other musical interests. The group's folk-rock sound is gentle, melodic, and often sparse, with sensitive male-female harmonies provided by Mitchell and Daniel Littleton (who married in 1999). The group shares a stylistic affinity with the Minnesota band Low (whose singers are also a married couple), with which Ida has toured. The band is named for Ida Machado Schafer, the grandmother of Mitchell's old friend, the artist and playwright Erin Courtney. Schafer was 92 years old at the time Mitchell and Littleton formed the group. Ida's members are friends with the band Secret Stars, which features Karate guitarist Geoff Farina and Jodi Buonanno. On the Ida album Ten Small Paces, they cover a Secret Stars song titled "Shoe-In" and perform an original song "Les Etoiles Secretes" (French for "The Secret Stars"), which references the band name specifically. The current lineup includes Mitchell, Littleton, Schickele, drummer Ruth Keating, and violinist Jean Cook. They are also frequently joined by pedal steel player Matt Sutton. The violinist Ida Pearle and the drummer and clarinetist Luther Gray have also played with the band. Side Project - Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton have also recorded one album as Nanang Tatang and both artists have also recorded solo albums. Mitchell and Daniel Littleton have also recorded three albums of children's music together. The first is called You Are My Flower, recorded in one day and released in 1998. The second called You Are My Sunshine, released in 2002, and the third called You Are My Little Bird, released in 2006 (also prominently featuring their daughter Storey Lee). They occasionally perform sets of children's music live as well, with Jean Cook and Ruth Keating. Karla Schickele has also recorded with Beekeeper and K. Daniel Littleton has performed with the Hated, His Name Is Alive and Jenny Toomey's Liquorice. Elizabeth Mitchell previously performed in a duo with Lisa Loeb; Mitchell and Littleton both perform on Loeb's hit single "Stay (I Missed You)." Mitchell and Loeb also recorded a children's album in May 2004 entitled Catch the Moon. Official Web ~ ~ Myspace idamusic ----------------------------- ( IDA won't be up here for long. "Sophia" ~ "Codein" ~ "The Sundays" fans go ahead ). ------------------------------- Ida - I Know About You Artist - Ida Album - I Know About You Release Date - 1996 Genre - Slow-core, Sad-core, Lo-core, Indie, Indie-folk Tracklist 1 Little Things 4:20 2 Back Burner 4:52 3 Tellings 4:26 4 Thank You 4:34 5 Downtown 4:44 6 Treasure Chest 5:36 7 Requator 4:35 8 When I Was Now 3:15 9 August Again 4:41 10 Plans 4:58 11 95 North 4:46 12 Goodnight 3:32 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - I know About You Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - Lovers Prayers Artist - Ida Album - Lovers Prayers Release Date - 2008 Genre - Slow-core, Sad-core, Lo-core, Indie, Indie-folk Tracklist 1 Lovers Prayers 5:12 2 The Weight of the Straw 3:48 3 The Love Below 5:04 4 Willow Tree 4:16 5 Worried Mind Blues 4:09 6 Gravity 4:39 7 For Shame of Doing Wrong 3:16 8 First Light 5:07 9 Kora 5:01 10 Surely Gone 4:43 11 The Killers 1964 5:18 12 See the Stars 3:52 13 First Take 4:36 14 Blue Clouds 3:30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - Lovers Prayers Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - Tales of Brave Ida Artist - Ida Album - Tales of Brave Ida Release Date - 1995 Genre - Slow-core, Sad-core, Lo-core, Indie, Indie-folk Tracklist 1 F. Boyfriend 4:33 2 Tempting 5:59 3 Post Prom Disorder 3:58 4 Slow Dance 4:25 5 Coupon 6:00 6 Shotgun 5:05 7 Dollface 4:45 8 Accidents 4:49 9 Dog Show 3:08 10 Nick Drake 2:32 11 Equator 5:17 12 Looking Through the Glass 6:17 13 Vacation 1:42 14 Baroque Boyfriend 4:17 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - Tales of Brave Ida Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IDa - Ten Small Paces Artist - Ida Album - Ten Small Paces Release Date - 1997 Genre - Slow-core, Sad-core, Lo-core, Indie, Indie-folk Tracklist 1 Hilot 3:17 2 Les Etoiles Secretes 2:29 3 Fallen Arrow 3:39 4 The Weight 3:13 5 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 2:00 6 Blue Moon of Livonia 1:07 7 Shoe-In 3:17 8 Poor Dumb Bird 2:45 9 Golden Hours 4:32 10 Ashokan Reservoir 1:11 11 Drunk Aviator 2:09 12 Do You Remember 3:24 13 Purely Coincidental 2:59 14 Dream Date 4:06 15 Capo 3:03 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - Ten Small Paces Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - The Braille Night Artist - Ida Album - The Braille Night Release Date - 2001 Genre - Slow-core, Sad-core, Lo-core, Indie, Indie-folk Tracklist 1 Let's Go Walking 3:59 2 Ignatia Amara 2:44 3 Arrowheads 3:57 4 So Long 5:46 5 Blizzard of '78 7:19 6 So Worn Out 2:33 7 The Braille Night 2:04 8 Gladiolas 5:44 9 Ocean of Glass 4:05 10 Moves Through the Air 9:12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - The Braille Night Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - Will You Find Me Artist - Ida Album - Will You Find Me Release Date - 2001 Genre - Slow-core, Sad-core, Lo-core, Indie, Indie-folk Tracklist 1 Down on Your Back 4:21 2 Maybelle 6:45 3 This Water 3:36 4 Shrug 5:18 5 The Radiator 2:04 6 Shotgun 4:31 7 Turn Me On 5:21 8 Man in Mind 3:43 9 Past the Past 4:37 10 Georgia 3:10 11 Triptych 3:13 12 Firefly 2:39 13 Encantada 3:36 14 Don't Get Sad 4:27 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - Will You Find Me Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - You Are My Flower Artist - Ida Album - You Are My Flower Release Date - 1991 Genre - Slow-core, Sad-core, Lo-core, Indie, Indie-folk Tracklist 1 This Little Light of Mine 2 You Are My Flower 3 John the Rabbit 4 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days Old 5 Freight Train 6 Shoo-fly 7 Little Sack of Sugar 8 Rock and Roll 9 Jingle Bells 10 Lovers Lane 11 Sylvie 12 Pony Boy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ida - You Are My Flower Password - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: DeVotchka ~ Dead Combo ~ Sophia ~ Lo-Fine ~ The Snake the Cross the Crown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Many Thanks for all the Ida's Dana... Didn't have any of them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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