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2012-09-04 13:08:56 UTC

Liverpool, United Kingdom (1990 – present)

Anathema is a rock band from Liverpool, UK since 1990 which, together with Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride, helped to develop the death/doom sound, a subgenre of doom metal. However, their third album Eternity was a departure from doom and metal, and signaled their transition to atmospheric rock and progressive rock,

History: Anathema was formed in 1990 as a doom metal band, initially under the name Pagan Angel. In November of that year, the band recorded their first demo, entitled An Iliad Of Woes. This demo caught the attention of several bands from the English metal scene, allowing Anathema to play gigs with bands like Bolt Thrower and Paradise Lost.

At the beginning of 1991, the band adopted its current name, and gained a lot of attention with the release of their second demo entitled All Faith Is Lost, resulting in a four-album deal with Peaceville Records. Their first release under the label was The Crestfallen EP in November 1992. They took the material from that album on the road, touring with Cannibal Corpse.

Serenades, Anathema’s debut LP, attracted a lot of mainstream attention, propelling their Sweet Tears music video onto the MTV playlist. Anathema’s first European tour was in 1994, and was closely followed by gigs at the Independent Rock Festival in Brazil.

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Weather Systems is the follow-up to 2010’s We're Here Because We're Here. That album featured prominently in numerous end-of-year polls and the producer, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), has described it as 'definitely among the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on.' The bar for Weather Systems has been set pretty high then but Daniel Cavanagh from the band is certain that the album will exceed these lofty expectations, ‘it feels like we are at a creative peak right now, and this album reflects that. Everything from the production to the writing to the performances are a step up from our last album.’

He continues, ‘This is not background music for parties. The music is written to deeply move the listener, to uplift or take the listener to the coldest depths of the soul.’ The intertwining melodic structures, the profoundly beautiful and intensely powerful - yet simple - songs will transport the listener closer to the heart of life, that is to say, to the heart of themselves. It is also an album of polarity. The play of opposites; light and shade, birth and death, love and fear. The simple truths of life and loss, hope and strength and darker internal themes are all explored here.

The album was recorded in Liverpool, North Wales and Oslo, each place significant to Anathema past, present and future. The record was produced and mixed by 5 times Norwegian Grammy nominated Christer-André Cederberg (Animal Alpha, In the Woods...), who Daniel has described as ‘a revelation. His calmness and brilliance has helped to bring about the greatest inter-band chemistry that Anathema have experienced together in their career.’

This career stretches back to 1990 when the band formed in Liverpool. Since then the band have embarked on a remarkable musical journey, initially emerging as pioneers of melodic heavy music and continually evolving over the ensuing years, always remaining true to their original goal of creating forward thinking, meaningful, passionate and honest music.

Anathema are a collective of two families; brothers and childhood friends. This album will please fans who call for more of Lee Douglas’s vocals, as her role within Anathema’s brand of alternative, melodic rock has matured to become an integral energy. In this way and more, Weather Systems is the sound of a band finding their voice and growing in stature, moving further along their artistic path with a truly stunning musical vision.

Their best ever work? ‘Not yet’ says Daniel, but he does believe that with Weather Systems they have surpassed previous glories; ‘we are pleased and proud of the record and we feel that, alongside the best moments of WHBWH, this record contains our very best work so far in what is becoming a long career.’

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Artist - Anathema Album - Weather Systems Release Date - 2012 Genre - Progressive, Progressive-metal, Alternative Tracklist 01 - Untouchable Part 1 02 - Untouchable Part 2 03 - The Gathering Of The Clouds 04 - Lightning Song 05 - Sunlight 06 - The Storm Before The Calm 07 - The Beginning And The End 08 - The Lost Child 09 - Internal Landscapes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PURCHASE Anathema - Weather Systems -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Anathema Album - We're Are Here Because We're Here [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Progressive, Progressive-metal, Alternative [ BEST OF ALL ] Tracklist 1 Thin Air 5:59 2 Summernight Horizon 4:12 3 Dreaming Light 5:47 4 Everything 5:05 5 Angels Walk Among Us 5:17 6 Presence 2:58 7 A Simple Mistake 8:14 8 Get Off, Get Out 5:01 9 Universal 7:19 10 Hindsight 8:10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anathema - We're Are Here Because We're Here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Eternity Artist - Anathema Album - Eternity Release Date - 1996 Genre - Alternative, Progressive Tracklist 1 Sentient 2:59 2 Angelica 5:50 3 The Beloved 4:44 4 Eternity (Part I) 5:35 5 Eternity (Part II) 3:11 6 Hope 5:55 7 Suicide Veil 5:10 8 Radiance 5:52 9 Far Away 5:30 10 Eternity (Part III) 4:43 11 Cries on the Wind 5:01 12 Ascension 3:36 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anathema - Eternity Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alternative 4 Artist - Anathema Album - Alternative 4 Release Date - 1998 Genre - Alternative, Progressive Tracklist 1 Shroud of False 1:36 2 Fragile Dreams 5:32 3 Empty 3:00 4 Lost Control 5:49 5 Re-Connect 3:52 6 Inner Silence 3:08 7 Alternative 4 6:17 8 Regret 7:58 9 Feel 5:28 10 Destiny 2:13 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anathema - Alternative 4 Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Judgement Artist - Anathema Album - Judgement Release Date - 1999 Genre - Alternative, Progressive Tracklist 1 Deep 4:53 2 Pitiless 3:10 3 Forgotten Hopes 3:50 4 Destiny Is Dead 1:46 5 Make It Right (F.F.S.) 4:19 6 One Last Goodbye 5:23 7 Parisienne Moonlight 2:09 8 Judgement 4:20 9 Don't Look Too Far 4:56 10 Emotional Winter 5:54 11 Wings of God 6:29 12 Anyone, Anywhere 4:50 13 2000 & Gone 4:50 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anathema - Judgement Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hindsight Artist - Anathema Album - Hindsight Release Date - 2008 Genre - Alternative, Progressive Tracklist 1 Fragile Dreams 5:30 2 Leave No Trace 4:52 3 Inner Silence 3:40 4 One Last Goodbye 6:03 5 Are You There? 5:18 6 Angelica 5:00 7 A Natural Disaster 6:20 8 Temporary Peace 5:10 9 Flying 6:20 10 Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected) 4:18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anathema - Hindsight Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A Fine Day to Exit Artist - Anathema Album - A Fine Day To Exit [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2001 Genre - Alternative, Progressive Tracklist 1 Pressure 6:44 2 Release 5:47 3 Looking Outside Inside 6:23 4 Leave No Trace 4:45 5 Underworld 4:09 6 Barriers 5:45 7 Panic 3:30 8 A Fine Day to Exit 6:49 9 Temporary Peace 18:26 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anathema - A Natural Disaster Artist - Anathema Album - A Natural Disater Release Date - 2003 Genre - Progressive-metal, Doom-metal Tracklist 1 Harmonium 5:28 2 Balance 3:58 3 Closer 6:20 4 Are You There? 4:59 5 Childhood Dream 2:10 6 Pulled Under at 2000 Meters a Second 5:23 7 A Natural Disaster 6:27 8 Flying 5:57 9 Electricity 3:51 10 Violence 10:45 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anathema - A Natural Disaster Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: Rorcal ~ Black Sheep Wall ~ Tephra ~ The Mirimar Disaster ~ The Abominable Iron Sloth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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