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* * * * * 梵高 – 寂静的喧闹 * * * * *

Chinese Band

Another one from the Various Artists – Post-rock Two more to go “Grace Latecomer” and “Spiral Cow”. So lets hope for th best on these one’s.

“梵高” requires one your full attention. The kind of music that you shouldn’t be disturb while listening. What’s also amazing with “梵高” is that in every tracks you can literally hear the Chinese cultural elements. I mean leave aside the vocals / lyrics which is totally flawless and etheral on its own but music itself on a broader view carries such a sensational and powerful emotion.

《晚餐》- Is completely flawless with lyrics and vocals that will leave you speechless.
《君子兰-菩提树 ·长歌夜·世外源》- Is just over 10 and half minutes which will leave you breathless.
《泉》- 6 minutes tracks not to be underestimate. Amazing simple guitars but end result is absolutely devine.

I can go on like this on each and every tracks…. but instead I would rather let you discover for yourself. POWERFUL MUSIC that requires you to integrate yourself with the sound till you disintegrate. ( Does that any sense? JUST GET IT ).

Artist – 梵高
Album – 寂静的喧闹
Release Date – ???
Genre – Experimental, Lo-core, Medio-core, Post-rock

01 – 《兰静亭》
02 – 《君子兰-菩提树 ·长歌夜·世外源》
03 – 《晚餐》
04 – 《命》
05 – 《泉》
06 – 《享用》
07 – 《刻舟求剑 》
08 – 《风水天际》
09 – 《南辕北辙》
梵高 – 寂静的喧闹 Password –
Water Fei
The Weak Men
Stand By Red 5
A Whisper In The Noise

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