2009-08-28 12:36:46 UTC
Paneye is the moniker of Will Treffry. Will resides in Sydney, Australia and his sound is heavily influenced by the deserted swamps, marshes and forests that are scattered around the outer suburbs of the city. In a grand manner "Along The Way To The Bigtop, My Life Just Dissolved" is broadly a one man project with the exception of some bits the project also enlist Jess Mutascio as a back up vocals. ~~~~~~~~ ( Paneye is the kind of music that makes one realize that sometimes its not only about the riffs, distortions and noise but its also about the mood, the blissful and ecstatic state a particular sound can magnetize you in. Paneye sound can get you completely lost. A strong doze of ambient ~ soundscaping ~ post-rock and even "slightly or widely" tripcore. You decide. The 1st half of the album is quite something. Right up till "Tents Hide Creatures". However the second half takes on a slightly different turn. Make no mistake though... still very good. No doubt... but just a different atmosphere. And for the latest... As far as I can hear " Paneye " is still going solo and strong. [ MySpace ] | [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~ Artist - Paneye Album - Lost In A Dark Aquarium Release Date - 2010 Genre - Ambient, Minimal, Post-rock, Soundscape, Dreamscape, Dark-ambient Tracklist 01. Fake Pond Repair Firm 02. Adrift In A Vast Square 03. Lonely Vessel 04. Misery Portholes 05. I Woke Alone 06. She Swallowed My Days 07. The Taste Of Her Gills 08. Flipper Gazer 09. Yet, You Did Not Reach 10. Reality Swam Away 11. Hibernation Sickness 12. Saint Paul's Lime Sulfur Divesuit 13. Dead Rainbow Rastas 14. Season For Milking Stonefish 15. I Cannot Describe My Happiness 16. Algae Pillows 17. Submerged Guesthouse 18. Running Aground On A Giant Spine 19. Urchin People Stumble Ashore 20. Jade Shards 21. Disembarking From Tentacle Island 22. Dreams Of Ai 23. Storm Herds 24. Derangers 25. Feathers From The Flooded Colonies 26. Wave Graves 27. North Sea Radio -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paneye - Lost In A Dark Aquarium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Paneye Album - Lying Under The Moribund Waves Release Date - 2010 Genre - Ambient, Post-rock, Shoegaze-like [ VERY GOOD ] Tracklist 01 Tiny Aeroplanes Weave Around the Trunks of Giant Pines 02 Bay of Withered Gardens 03 Octopus Pheromones 04 Pixelated Ocean Currents 05 Staircases Under the Sea 06 Haunted Garden Sheds Line the Shore 07 Chasing Ghost Trees 08 Cloudblood 09 A Delicately Woven Hull 10 Among Tomato Trees 11 Lagoon Sighs 12 Pond Skin Faces 13 Sunken Meadows 14 Blue Rows ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Paneye - Lying Under The Moribund Waves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Paneye Artist - Paneye Album - Along The Way To The Bigtop, My Life Just Dissolved Release Date - 2009 Genre - Ambient, Post-rock, Soundscaping, Trip-core Tracklist 01 along the way to the bigtop, my life just dissolved 02 Brain Forests 03 the sallow flesh of the sky 04 Tidal Breeze 05 caravans of moss are camped in the woods 06 tents hide creatures 07 balloon skin suits of rainbow gimps 08 the elephant keeper 09 headfog mindsmog 10 He found scales on his chest 11 sick faeries 12 The Clearing where she once stood ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Paneye - Along The Way To The Bigtop, My Life Just Dissolved ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: Matryoshaka ~ Autistici ~ Bitcrush ~ Air In Kyoto ~ The Thumbled Sea ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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