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Baroness Profile

Baroness plays an eclectic brand of heavy metal, embracing the ferocity and sharp technique of new-millennium metal but with melodic accents and intelligent guitar work that suggests the influence of indie rock and post-punk bands. The four members of Baroness

Pete Adams on guitar, Summer Welch on bass, Allen Blickle on drums and John Baizley on guitar and vocals,

are all originally from Lexington, VA, but they pulled up stakes and relocated to Savannah, GA, when they formed the band in mid-2003. Baroness made their recording debut in 2005 with First, a three-song EP released through Savannah-based indie label Hyperrealist Records. A second EP from Baroness, simply called Second, appeared in stores later the same year. In 2006, Baroness teamed up with another offbeat but powerful band from Savannah, Unpersons, for a split EP entitled A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk released through At a Loss Records. Moving forward in 2007, Baroness signed with the well-respected independent metal label Relapse Records, and in the fall of 2007 they issued their first full-length disc, The Red Album, followed by extensive touring.

[ Red Album ]. Savannah, Georgia's Baroness blow the lid off their cauldron of hall of fame riffs on their first record for Relapse and debut full-length titled Red Album. With a sound built upon a resolute sense of purpose and shaped by hundreds of explosive live shows, Baroness position themselves at the forefront of heavy music with an epic album that is at once powerful, expressive, confident, and commanding. Red Album sees the band expand its sonic vision; colossal riffs and haunting vocals roll like thunder across epic songs spanning both the intense and the sublime. As the Red Album proves, Baroness' formidable reputation proceeds them for a reason.

[ Yellow & Green ]. Baroness' Yellow & Green finds a band that has developed into more than just giants of the metal underground, they are now fully formed hard rock titans. Fans of the band have come to expect nothing less than constant evolution from Baroness and that is precisely what the band has delivered, but in ways noone could have anticipated: the hooks are immediately seared into your brain, riffs that take just one listen to fully lodge themselves in your consciousness and vocals that are sung both heavily and beautifully. Some songs are more delicate than Baroness ever hinted to before while others are straight up arena rockers—yet all along Yellow & Green is unmistakably the Baroness that the world has come to love and look to for Record Of The Year quality rock and roll. It’s not hard to imagine any one of the 18 songs that fill out the Yellow & Green 2CD/2LP being rock radio anthems, and deservedly so. At no risk of hyperbole Baroness’ ‘Yellow & Green’ is on a very short list as one of the new millennium’s best rock records.

[ Live At Maida Vale BBC ]. An incredible recording of Baroness live on the BBC from the historic Maida Vale studios. 4 classic Baroness songs performed live and pressed on a one-time only, super limited edition 12”. B-side complete with a gorgeous silkscreen of John Baizley’s iconic swan image. LP includes digital download card. Get it before it’s gone!

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Baroness - Doomsday Artist - Baroness Album - Doomsday Release Date - 2013 Genre - Post-metal, Sludge-metal, Progressive-metal, Doom-metal Tracklist 01. Sleepless me 03:57 02. Dissolve 02:45 03. Bonfire 02:43 04. Lights 04:14 05. Mayfly 04:25 06. Doomsday 03:44 07. Vitriol 02:56 08. Kalopsia 03:29 09. Nightsins 02:08 10. Dreamcatchers 05:22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOAD Baroness - Doomsday -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baroness - Live at Maida Vale - BBC Artist - Baroness Album - Live at Maida Vale - BBC Release Date - 2013 Genre - Post-metal, Sludge-metal, Progressive-metal, Doom-metal Tracklist 1. Take My Bones Away (BBC Live version) 05:19 2. March To The Sea (BBC Live version) 03:40 3. Cocainium (BBC Live version) 05:19 4. The Line Between (BBC Live version) 05:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baroness - Live at Maida Vale - BBC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baroness - Yellow & Green Artist - Baroness Album - Yellow & Green Release Date - 2012 Genre - Post-metal, Sludge-metal, Progressive-metal, Doom-metal Tracklist 01. Yellow Theme 01:44 02. Take My Bones Away 04:59 03. March to the Sea 03:11 04. Little Things 05:03 05. Twinkler 03:16 06. Cocainium 05:08 07. Back Where I Belong 06:15 08. Sea Lungs 03:21 09. Eula 06:47 10. Green Theme 04:22 11. Board Up the House 04:33 12. Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor) 04:17 13. Foolsong 02:57 14. Collapse 03:51 15. Psalms Alive 04:08 16. Stretchmarker 03:23 17. The Line Between 05:02 18. If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry 02:42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baroness - Yellow & Green -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blue Record Artist - Baroness Album - Blue Record Release Date - 2009 Genre - Post-metal, Sludge-metal, Progressive-metal, Doom-metal Tracklist 01 Bullhead’s Psalm 02 The Sweetest Curse 03 Jake Leg 04 Steel That Sleeps the Eye 05 Swollen and Halo 06 Ogeechee Hymnal 07 A Horse Called Golgotha 08 O'er Hell and Hide 09 War, Wisdom and Rhyme 10 Blackpowder Orchard 11 The Gnashing 12 Bullhead's Lament -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STREAM + PURCHASE Baroness - Blue Record -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Album Artist - Baroness Album - Red Album Release Date - 2007 Genre - Post-metal, Sludge-metal, Progressive-metal, Doom-metal Tracklist 01 Rays on Pinion 7:35 02 The Birthing 5:03 03 Isak 4:22 04 Wailing Wintry Wind 5:54 05 Cockroach en Fleur 1:50 06 Wanderlust 4:29 07 Aleph 4:21 08 Teeth of a Cogwheel 2:16 09 O'Appalachia 2:36 10 Grad 5:54 11 [Untitled] 12:11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STREAM + PURCHASE Baroness - Red Album -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: At The Soundawn ~ ihopeyousuffer ~ Conifer ~ Meniscus ~ C.O.L -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baroness --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Review for the new EP "I Wanna Be Exploited" by Tommy Red

A combination of retro aesthetics, enduring lyrics and alt-rock grit. The best music happens when artists refuse to remain stuck in their own comfort zones and creative boxes. Whenever this happens, they are free to give full range to their vision, and they can really come up with something that’s groundbreaking and personable. This is certainly the case here with Tommy Red and his brand new EP release, “I Wanna Be Exploited.”


Dream within a Dream by Marva Von Theo

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