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2012-01-19 15:05:43 UTC

Mount Eerie represents the latest evolution of Phil Elverum’s musical vision. Formerly known as The Microphones, Phil changed his project’s name to Mount Eerie while maintaining his subtle, lo-fi, and lyrically dense fuzz-folk aesthetic. Elverum explained this change in an 2003 interview with Discoder, asserting that “Mount Eerie is a new project. The Microphones was completed, or at least at a good stopping point. I did it because I am ready for new things. I am new.”

As Mount Eerie, Phil is generally sans synthesizers, drums, and the accenting voices of Mirah, The Blow, and fellow K-Records/Anacortes friends. Mount Eerie’s album “Seven New Songs of Mount Eerie” was also the first recording released on Phil’s new label, P.W.Elverum & Sun. All songs from that recording are available for free download in the Internet Archive.

[ SPUNTNIKMUSIC.COM ] "Wind's Poem" ~ Mount Eerie have progressed in perhaps the most perfect manner; this ‘black metal’ element which was originally claimed is very subtle. My initial expectation of Elverum screeches fortunately turned out to be only a speculation, and what Wind’s Poem actually is as an album is the continuation and development of the raw sound greatly explored on the Black Wooden Ceiling Opening record.

Three distinct styles can be heard on this album. The first, of course, is this presumed black metal sound – essentially, this is characterized by a great deal of distortion and feedback, reverberating crashes often sounding dissonant and cacophonous. The opening track ‘Wind’s Dark Poem’ immediately introduces this style, which would not be unfamiliar to those well acquainted with Mount Eerie’s back catalogue. It’s rather comforting to hear that even with this supposed extremity in his music, the marked Elverum sound can be distinguished; the guitar hook found in the opener is extraordinarily reminiscent of Elverum’s earlier work, and his almost indecipherable mumbling over the tumultuous distortion invokes a certain feeling of loneliness that only he would be able to invoke.

The longest song on the record, ‘Through the Trees’, is suggestive of my purported second style, one which diversifies the album to the point where it comes off as arguably Mount Eerie’s best release. ‘Through the Trees’ features, for want of a better description, over eleven minutes of gentle organ hum. One can imagine how Elverum’s placid vocals would suit such an ambiance, and the juxtaposition that this style plays along with the aforementioned first style maintains the album’s viscosity as an enveloping composition. And thirdly, what would an Elverum album be without its folky indie passages? ‘Between Two Mysteries’ has something of a jangly vibe in its execution, and although this manner of style can be clearly heard on [No Flashlight, there is still a sense of innovation. What isn’t new however, is Elverum’s conveyance of emotion. Every track on Wind’s Poem is emotionally raw, and the record ultimately combines all of the various styles in which Mount Eerie have previously explored, thus creating an all encompassing Mount Eerie technique.

The ways in which Elverum recalls his earlier work do the album no harm – musically speaking, ‘My Heart is Not at Peace’ features the remarkably solemn and heart drenching atmosphere that was abundant on Lost Wisdom, and in going with that theme, the inclusion of a ‘Lost Wisdom, Pt. 2’ as a successor to the original song on the aforementioned album is just good to see. As opposed to the first part’s acoustic composition, the second part delves into the dissonant style that Elverum has seemingly perfected, and is a fantastic precursor to ‘Stone’s Ode’, an eerie closer to what is perhaps the best Mount Eerie album, and if not for The Glow, Pt. 2, perhaps the best Elverum album.

The successes that Elverum has had with Mount Eerie, particularly with both of his 2008 releases, have been huge, but only in their diminutive stylistic constraints. Wind’s Poem, however, is a blend of all that we know as Elvrum, and is not only musically coherent, but poignant in all of its faculties.

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Wind's Poem Artist - Mount Eerie Album - Wind's Poem ( * * * * * ) Release Date - 2009 Genre - Experimental, Lo-fi, Indie, "Shoegaze/Medio-core Drone influence" Singer-Song writer ( BEAUTIFUL ) Tracklist 1 Wind's Dark Poem 4:12 2 Through the Trees 11:33 3 My Heart Is Not at Peace 3:17 4 The Hidden Stone 3:46 5 Wind Speaks 3:46 6 Summons 2:51 7 The Mouth of Sky 4:46 8 Between Two Mysteries 4:18 9 Ancient Questions 3:24 10 (Something) 2:22 11 Lost Wisdom Pt. 2 5:04 12 Stone's Ode 5:26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Flashlight Songs of the Fulfilled Night Artist - Mount Eerie Album - No Flashlight: Songs of the Fulfilled Night Release Date - 2005 Genre - Experimental, Lo-fi, Indie, "Shoegaze/Medio-core Drone influence" Singer-Song writer Tracklist 1 I Know No One 2:32 2 I Hold Nothing 5:00 3 The Moan 2:53 4 In the Bat's Mouth 1:33 5 No Inside, No Out 1:52 6 (2 Lakes) 1:10 7 Stop Singing 3:02 8 No Flashlight 3:04 9 (2 Mountains) 1:20 10 The Air in the Morning 3:02 11 The Universe Is Shown 1:54 12 What? 2:57 13 How? 2:25 14 No Flashlight 3:55 15 (2 Moons) 1:07 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mount Eerie - No Flashlight: Songs of the Fulfilled Night Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lost Wisdom Artist - Mount Eerie Album - Lost Wisdom Release Date - 2008 Genre - Experimental, Lo-fi, Indie, "Shoegaze/Medio-core Drone influence" Singer-Song writer Tracklist 1 Lost Wisdom 4:27 2 Voice in Headphones 2:28 3 You Swan Go On 1:33 4 Who? 2:29 5 Flaming Home 2:39 6 What? 2:14 7 If We Knew... 1:48 8 With My Hands Out 1:47 9 O My Heart 3:25 10 Grave Robbers 1:51 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mount Eerie - Lost Wisdom Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eleven Old Songs Artist - Mount Eerie Album - Eleven Old Songs Release Date - 2005 Genre - Experimental, Lo-fi, Indie, "Shoegaze/Medio-core Drone influence" Singer-Song writer Tracklist A1 Cold Mountain 3:06 A2 I Say "No" 3:35 A3 The Boom / (Wind) 6:00 A4 The Dead of Night 4:13 B1 Wooly Mammoth's Might Absence 3:10 B2 Great Ghosts 3:37 B3 Log in the Waves 2:21 B4 I Love (It) So Much 1:23 B5 Goodbye Hope 2:15 B6 Who? 2:25 B7 See Me 2:13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mount Eerie - Eleven Old Songs Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dawn Winter Journal Artist - Mount Eerie Album - Dawn: Winter Journal Release Date - 2008 Genre - Experimental, Lo-fi, Indie, "Shoegaze/Medio-core Drone influence" Singer-Song writer Tracklist 1 It Wasn't the Hunting 2:57 2 Cold Mountain 2:47 3 Moon Sequel 2:35 4 I Have Been Told That My Skin Is Exceptionally Smooth 1:41 5 I Say "No" 2:37 6 Moon, I Already Know 1:25 7 With My Hands Out 1:53 8 A Show of Hands 1:53 9 Woolly Mammoth's Mighty Absence 3:29 10 My Burning 1:43 11 Great Ghosts 3:14 12 Climb Over 2:42 13 We Squirm 1:37 14 Voice in Headphones 2:00 15 Who? 2:18 16 Dead of Night 2:51 17 See Me 2:02 18 Log in the Waves 2:07 19 Goodbye Hope 2:36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mount Eerie - Dawn: Winter Journal Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Black Wooden Ceiling Opening Artist - Mount Eerie Album - Black Wooden Ceiling Opening Release Date - 2008 Genre - Experimental, Lo-fi, Indie, "Shoegaze/Medio-core Drone influence" Singer-Song writer Tracklist 1 Appetite 4:14 2 Domesticated Dog 2:10 3 In Moonlight 4:25 4 Blue Light on the Floor 2:25 5 Don't Smoke 2:53 6 Stop Singing 5:33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mount Eerie - Black Wooden Ceiling Opening Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Children Of Ishizuke ~ Bond Assessment Papers ~ Koda ~ Windy and Carl ~ Heideka --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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