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2012-12-11 09:03:42 UTC

Austrian rock-outfit DOOMINA was born out of a passion for “Sound and Noise” in 2006 and after many line-up changes consists of the eccentrics Daniel, Michael, Thomas and Christian. That same year, the first demo “A.O.D” was recorded and the second piece “March On, Dead Man” was released digitally in early 2009 after a hiatus due to health reasons. The first full-length is planned for mid-2009.

Bands we've played with (To mention but just a few)

A Cold Dead Body (ita) Colour Haze (de) Daturah (de) Dweal (slo) Atlantis (nl) Toner Low (nl) Heavy Lord (nl) A Storm Of Light (us) Three Steps To The Ocean (ita),

Elsewhere "PostRockCommunity" It took me a long time to actually find the time to sit down and write this. I had a lot of stress since Daniel from Doomina handed their new album over to me. I listened to it at work, on the bus drive from and to work, at home, on the train, before going to sleep and after waking up... again and again. So, just so you know, this is not in any way an objective view, but then again, usually no review is.

"Elsewhere" they have titled their now record... just like the 4h travel-documentary I watched some years ago. And this is also what the record reminded me of: Travelling is awesome, no matter whether you actually do it or you put on some music, close your eyes and recall locations you have visited. This is what I have done all the time while listening to this record. I went back to the vast emptiness of the American midwest, the hectic(ness) in Moscow, all the layed back people I met in Italy and Southern Tyrol, the profound silence of the Bavarian forest. All these feelings are condensed in 5 beautiful tracks, the titletrack "Elswhere" ( the best track on the record in my opinion ) being the centerpiece of this fantastic record.

I am not a musician, neither am I going to try to describe to you what kind of music Doomina make. I am sick and tired of trying to explain to people why I like certain musical styles and cannot understand others, although for some people both might sound the same. I am not going to try and compare Doomina to other bands that make similar music, cause they do not make the exact same music. All I can say that i found this record to be profoundly beautiful and perfect for closing my eyes and just drift off into a peacful state of mind (although there is some tight riffing on this record, don't get me wrong).

Over all I can only urge all you readers to check out this record and while you are at it, just check out all the other records by Doomina... they are more rough and hard, more agressive, not as beautiful, but nonetheless you can definitively see how they ended up at their best record to date, "Elswhere". Have fun listening!

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Artist - Doomina Album - Elsewhere Release Date - 2012 Genre - Post-rock, Ambient-metal, Experimental [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 1 Aeronaut 10:41 2 Mockingbird 3:57 3 Elsewhere 12:54 4 Below 10:47 5 Deus Ex Herba 7:47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCOGS Doomina - Elsewhere -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cover Artist - Doomina Album - Adventures Of Dope Release Date - 2009 Genre - Sludge-metal, Doom-metal, Stoner-metal Tracklist 01 The Eternal Sleep (Phase I) 02 ... And The We Will Rise 03 A Grave For The Masses 04 Entering The Chronosphere (The Th -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doomina - Adventures Of Dope Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Baroness ~ ihopeyousuffer ~ Conifer ~ Meniscus ~ Cult Of Luna --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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