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2012-07-19 09:00:37 UTC

Inspired by the elements as much as by modern music SuplexTheKid are an enigmatic proposition. Apparently named after an ingenious wrestling move their music sneaks up and traps you with similar efficiency. The phrase from a “whisper to a roar” goes some of the way to describing their shifts from chiming crystalline guitar motifs to face melting howls of primal feedback. This spacious and echoing music is vocal less and none the worse for it.

Their bio cites Explosions in the Sky as their favourite band and the influences are apparent. However this does not do full justice to the range of sonic assaults aimed at the listener. At times the music is challenging, such as on 'It's About Time You Changed', but this is time well invested in this reviewer’s opinion.

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone of a sensitive disposition, or recovering from open heart surgery, I would strongly recommend this soundscape mini album to fans of Mogwai and the lengthy guitar climax. Although only a very small Indie release they are apparently recording their follow up album already so it may only be a matter of time before you have been Suplexed too. Utilising Pianos, Violin bows, reverb, delay and distortion for the cinematic soundscapes SuplexTheKid are taking ownership of epic sound of imaginative recordings. Named after an ingenious wrestling move its only a matter of time before their music will have "suplexed you".

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < < < < < [ 2012 Title [ 1578 Days ] Update ]. > > > > >

UNREAL this is the 3rd And Final Release By Glasgow's band [ Suplex The Kid ].

Credits Released 18 July 2012 Written And Performed By Suplex The Kid. Produced By Charlie Gill and Engiineered By Emily Tilbury.

For fans of [ Mogwai ] ~ [ Explosions In The Sky ] ~ [ For A Minor Reflection ] ~ [ Collapse Under The Empire ] ~ [ God Is An Astronaut ] ~ [ 65daysofstatic ] and well you know... ALL THE GOOD NAMES. Get all the titles guys. [ Surplex The Kid ] are absolutely worthy and we all know that.

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Artist - Suplex The Kid Album - 1578 Days Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 1. And Then They Sent Him With A Cape 07:20 2. Contact With 04:26 3. Curse You God For Making Me This Way 04:42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suplex The Kid - 1578 Days -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Suplex The Kid Album - The Trinity Test Release Date - 2010 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 01 - Rebuild The Machines [ 06:40 ] 02 - All Beneath An Iron Sky [ 06:58 ] 03 - Duck And Cover Charlie Brown [ 06:19 ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Suplex The Kid - The Trinity Test ] ~ [ The Trinity Test " Bonus Track " ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Suplex The Kid Album - All Beneath The Iron Sky Release Date - 2009 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 01 - Ironski -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suplex The Kid - All Beneath The Iron Sky -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STK Artist - Suplex The Kid Album - Suplex The Kid Release Date - 2009 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 01 - A Rise And Fall Of A Hero 02 - Escape The City 03 - We Heard The Shots From Your House 04 - It's About Time You Changed 05 - Sol a Una Tormenta -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suplex The Kid - Suplex The kid -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If These Trees Could Talk ~ For A Minor Reflection ~ Form And Fate ~ [art].Ficial. ~ Final Days Society -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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