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2009-10-18 14:06:46 UTC
[ CRAZEWIRE.DE ] One of the more exciting bands of recent times. With Miumi an unrivaled notion of sound has grown and prospered. You could call it cinematic rock and you'd still be off the mark. Miumi are capable of a great deal and aren't afraid to test every conventional definition. Visions follow sounds, creating a whole world of their own. Shoegazer, Krautrock, Britpop, the quartet aren't ones to allow themselves to be pigeonholed and gladly reinvent their songs halfway through. Wiesbaden is London, Paris and Tokyo [ VISIONS.DE ] The "Blips" EP offers up pretty advanced creations of sound, infused by celebrated sense vitality. At the point where other demo bands struggle with flat endings, Miumi are already weaving their very own wall of sound. 2008, [ GODISINTHETVZINE.CO.UK ] German experimental act Miumi have much in common with Radiohead, from the cover of the Blips EP with its scrawled quivering hands-over-eyes artwork that reminds one of the OK Computer era inlay with regard to their to their attempts at pushing the boundaries of what a guitar band can be in 2008. The aforementioned 2006 Blips EP is an exhibition in subtlety and power, adventures in walls of sound that rise and fall, pull and tug, all interwoven with melancholic melodies. The opener Progressive Yoga is outstanding, ushered in by gentle clicking electronic heartbeats and sighing vocals that go into overdrive of distortion, delicately balancing between [ Mogwai's ] post-rock, and Notwist's subdued electronic moments with vocals reminiscent of [ Radiohead's ] Thom Yorke. One of the highlights is [ Bitcrusher ] which builds slowly to crescendo, when the snatches of film dialogue ask do you want to go all the way?. The whole thing is propulsive, throwing you down black wells clambering onto screaming, wailing guitar notes. Final track Bordeaux initially aches with the kind of gentle melodicisms that inhabited the early work of [ Sigur Ros ] before the whole thing cartwheels into a whirling rhythm of riffage and drum patterns more akin to early nineties Shoegazers like Ride. Miumi Artist - Miumi Album - Blips Release Date - 2008 Genre - Experimetal, Post-rock, Shoegaze, Ambient Tracklist 01 - Miumi - Intro 02 - Miumi - Progressive Yoga 03 - Miumi - Bitcrusher 04 - Miumi - Sloggy 05 - Miumi - Bordeaux -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miumi - Blips Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Already Know ~ Dawn Chorus Ignites ~ Iona ~ Northvia ~ Condre Scr -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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