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Agrigento, Italy (2006 – present) Eimog is a post rock band formed in Agrigento, IT in 2006. Eimog is a band heavily immersed in the influences of nature’s visual notions of the universe and finds itself in its prime when the crazy collaboration of sound lines up and finds her perfect balance.

Countless suffocating hours trying to define art were futile – only music allows us to breath. It is our art. After 2 years of intense dedication, constant activity, demo tapes and one EP (April 2008), Eimog has been granted the opportunity to grow by; pushing its music to its limits, performing incredible live shows and being able to communicate with everyone from every part of the planet.

The resulting experiences of the last 2 years will be collectively combined, tuned, pitched, amplified and shared with people, clubs and at festivals in our new full length CD featuring 9 songs. Eimog was recently approached by Iteraphone Records (based in Canada).

They will be taking us under their wing by promoting our music, EP, Full Length and the bands tours. Its our time to grow and the time for self-actualization starts now…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( VERY GOOD LISTEN on the latest one but GET BOTH titles though [ MySpace ] ~ [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Artist – Eimog
Album – Scenario
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Instrumental, Instrumental, Post-rock

01 – Saved By Thirteen
02 – Until Death Do Us Part
03 – Jana
04 – Building Empires Upon This Landscape
05 – May Tries To Be June
06 – Madre
Eimog – Scenario Password –

Artist – Eimog
Album – Eimog
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock

01 – The last step over
02 – Interlude
03 – Oceanic
04 – Antartica
Eimog – Eimog Password –
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