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2012-03-12 13:55:52 UTC

ARCTIC PLATEAU It's a one man band formed by Gianluca Divirgilio, Italian musician and author. The first song, "Eight Years Old", is composed in June, 2006.

In the same year Gianluca composed other instrumental tracks, and he sings in two new songs [ "Coldream" and "On a Sad Sunny Day" ]; He released part of these raw songs on Myspace [ www.myspace.com/arcticplateauinfo ] and in March 2007, still without a label, he decides to record a promo cd in Emerald Recordings Studio [ www.emeraldrecordings.com ] in Rome, with his friend Fabio Fraschini [ Electric bass, previous session man for the historic band "Novembre" ], Cesare Petulicchio on drum [ Bud Spencer Blues Explosion ] and Luigi Colasanti Antonelli [ Sound Engineer ].

Gianluca send the promo to the attention of few European labels and some months later, March 13, 2008, he signed a contract for five albums with the excellent Label Prophecy Productions.

The first album is called "On a Sad Sunny Day", it contains 11 songs plus one ghost track and it is released on June 12, 2009 in digipack cd, with beautiful illustrations of talented friend Fursy Teyssier. The author describes his music as "Music Explicitly Dreamed".


Prophecy productions, some parents, Emerald recordings, Fabrizio De Carolis (Reference Mastering Studio), Fursy, Marco e Paolo Soellner, All post rock and old/new shoegaze scenes and bands, Transmission records, Franco Bandiera, Max Varani, Muven, Novembre, Alessia and my clouds, Chiara, Cesare, Simona Engel, Lena, Emergency and all the fans.


Who believes in the appearances, violence and arrogance, false modesty, presumptuousness, the parcels on the shoulder, who judges without either listening, the surface of the things, politic, all football players and football fanatics, luxury cars, false irony, classic italian son of mummy, who looks for the notoriety through the music making it pass through for talent and who don't know the difference between success and notoriety, who can't guard a secret.

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Artist - Arctic Plateau Album - The Enemy Inside [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Post-rock, Shoegaze [ TOTALLY "THE CHURCH - PRIEST AURA" / BY ALL MEANS ] Tracklist 01. Music’s Like… 05:50 02. Bambini Piangete 00:29 03. Idiot Adult 03:52 04. Abuse 03:05 05. Catarctic Cartoons 03:55 06. The Enemy Inside 03:49 07. Melancholy Is Not Only For Soldiers 04:33 08. Loss And Love 03:28 09. Big Fake Brother 03:52 10. Wrong 03:43 11. Trentasette 03:12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arctic Plateau - The Enemy Inside -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On A Sad Sunny Day Artist - Arctic Plateau Album - On A Sad Sunny Day [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2009 Genre - Post-rock, Post-metal, Shoegaze Tracklist 01 Alive 3:13 02 On a Sunny Day 7:55 03 Lepanto 4:31 04 Ivory 5:53 05 In Epica Memories 4:03 06 Amethyst to #F 6:59 07 Iceberg Shoegaze 4:47 08 Coldream 7:07 09 Eight Years Old 3:09 10 Aurora in Rome 4:05 11 In Time 21:06 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arctic Plateau - On A Sad Sunny Day Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Long Distance Calling / Leech | Not To Reason Why | Moya | Lifestory:Monologue | We vs. Death --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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