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L.A. native Henry Laufer, the 21-year-old producer better known as Shlohmo, is a lo-fi beat junkie and field-recording enthusiast, whose crackling, low-BPM compositions update Boards of Canada’s filmstrip-soundtrack wooziness for the dubstep generation. An LA native, Laufer grew up listening to “stuff like DJ Shadow, [ Amon Tobin ] ~ [ M83 ] stuff with some sort of cinematic vision.” He started making beats when he was 14, but “didn’t really do it with any sort of purpose until I was like 17 or 18.

That was also around the time he and his friends, already fans of Flying Lotus, discovered Low End Theory. Shlohmo has rocketed onto our radar screen in recent months with his lo-fi, psychedelic mix of abstract hip-hop, bouncy synth-funk, breezy trip-hop, and what sounds like lost Mo’ Wax gems from an alternate future. His tracks swarm from dirty textures, strange sounds and obscured samples. It’s not hip-hop what you hear, but the echoes are clearly there.

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2013 - Laid Out 2010 - Camping

Shlohmo (real name is Henry Laufer) is the flagship artist of Friends of Friends, a label whose artists are making it more and more difficult to distinguish between genres. The producers in FoF's stable draw on every musical ingredient available to them; they source samples and influences from any decade, genre, or style that they're interested in. What's most impressive about what Shlohmo and his peers are doing, and what's epitomized on Laid Out, is the way that they can transform vocal samples into instrumental elements while retaining the immediacy and accessibility we normally associate with pop vocals.

Two sections of the Shlohmo's new EP, Laid Out, have an uncanny catchiness. The first is from the single "Don't Say No", featuring Tom Krell of How to Dress Well singing in his most desperate falsetto. The other sticky section is the loop from the best track on the EP, "Out of Hand". There's an obvious difference between the two: one features a singer emoting as best he can, with provocative, romantic lyrics. The other has just the ghost of a vocal, with words that are difficult to make out. But there's no difference in the intensity of the emotion that both songs conjure and the instrumentation in both is geared towards emphasizing those central refrains.

"Later" the six-minute centerpiece of the album is similar to "Out of Hand" with its looped, anguished vocal sample. Only here, the voice is blurred beyond the point of recognition. The track doesn't have the same kind of grab as its predecessors ( perhaps because the repeating loop is less recognizable as a human voice ), but it's equally intense, with waxing and waning drum machines that surround and heighten that go-for-broke sample. Laufer's last project, the Vacation EP, played around with these kinds of melodies and samples, but that record largely avoided pop leanings. It was withdrawn, soft, pretty, akin to Nicolas Jaar's debut Space is Only Noise or to Teebs' Ardour. And while it was solid, Vacation was made for people who were already comfortable listening to electronic music. The first three tracks on Laid Out have far more ambition: they're meant to pull in pop and R&B listeners who might not otherwise be drawn towards electronic music.

The last two songs on the EP, "Put It" and "Without", hold more back and function almost as sketches of the songs that come before them. Each has an instrumental through-line that one can imagine being replaced by a stronger sample. They're smart and well-constructed but they can seem out of place, and dwarfed by what came before. Still, those first three: Shlohmo's already one of the better producers of his young generation and Laid Out should add substantially to his growing reputation. __[ Pitchfork ].

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Shlohmo - Laid Out Artist - Shlohmo Album - Laid Out Release Date - 2013 Genre - Dark-ambient, Slow-tempo, Experimental, Trip-core, Abstract, Glitch, Glitch-core, Electro-core, Abstract Tracklist 01. Don't Say No feat. How To Dress Well 02. Out of Hand 03. Later 04. Put It 05. Without -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shlohmo - Laid Out -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shlohmo - Camping Artist - Shlohmo Album - Camping Release Date - 2010 Genre - Dark-ambient, Slow-tempo, Experimental, Trip-core, Abstract, Glitch, Glitch-core, Electro-core, Abstract Tracklist 1 Naps 3:25 2 Birthday Beat 3:14 3 Tomato Smash 4:03 4 Sippy Cup 4:08 5 Post Atmosphere (Baths Remix) 3:06 6 Spoons (Shigeto Remix) 4:14 7 Teeth (Asura Remix) 3:58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shlohmo - Camping -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Shlohmo Album - Bad Vibes [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, Slow-tempo, Experimental, Trip-core, Abstract, Glitch, Glitch-core, Electro-core, Abstract [ THIS IS GOOD, WAY GOOD ] Tracklist 01. Big Feelings 02. Places 03. Anywhere But Here 04. It Was Whatever 05. Parties 06. Just Us 07. Sink 08. I Can’t See You I’m Dead 09. Trapped In A Burning House 10. Get Out 11. Your Stupid Face 12. Seriously 13. Same Time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shlohmo - Bad Vibes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Shlohmo Album - Shlomoshun Deluxe Release Date - 2010 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, Trip-core, Abstract, Glitch, Glitch-core, Electro-core Tracklist 1 Tomato Squeeze 2:51 2 7am 2:22 3 Spoons 4:17 4 Post Atmosphere 2:52 5 Hot Boxing the Cockpit 3:42 6 Dead Pixel 4:29 7 Teeth 4:55 8 Antigravity 3:22 9 Hot Boxing the Cockpit (TOKiMONSTA Remix) 3:31 10 7am (devonwho Remix) 2:21 11 Antigravity (Fulgeance Remix) 4:25 12 Antigravity (Low Limit Remix) 3:38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shlohmo - Shlomoshun Deluxe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shlo-Fi Artist - Shlohmo Album - Shlo-Fi Release Date - 2009 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, Trip-core, Abstract Tracklist 01 - Couch 02 - For You Pt 1 03 - For You Pt 2 04 - Crust 05 - Socks 06 - My Drum Loop Is Stuck In Molasses 07 - Ghost Pt 2 08 - Blankets 09 - Outbound 10 - Hires -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shlohmo - Shlo-Fi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Celer | Fang Yuan | Archive | Screenatorium | Air --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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