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Richmond, United States (2000 – 2004, 2008 – present)

During the first few months of 2008, the original line-up has gotten together for rehearsals for the first time in five years, and they’ve just played their reunion show in Richmond VA. A couple more shows will be announced before the band begins writing new songs…

Denali began in Richmond, Virginia in 2000 when Maura Davis approached her older brother and Engine Down singer/guitarist Keeley Davis with the idea of fleshing out some songs she had been working on.

Keeley enlisted the help of Engine Down bandmate and former Sleepytime Trio drummer Jonathan Fuller and was followed slightly thereafter by Cam DiNunzio, longstanding member of Richmond’s music community. Together these three gentlemen would help realize Maura’s musical ideas into what eventually became Denali.

The name Denali (meaning “the great one”) is taken from the Athabascan name for Alaska’s Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America. The meaning is fairly obvious: Cold, remotely desolate, permanent… something the band felt pertained rather well to the sound they were stumbling upon. After recording and selling a five-song demo at live shows, Denali caught the ear of record label Jade Tree.

Denali released their debut album Denali in the spring of 2002. In August 2003, they released their second album The Instinct. Shortly after the release, Jonathan Fuller and Keeley Davis left the band to focus their attention on Engine Down. Davis was replaced by bassist Stephen Howard and Ryan Rapsys replaced Fuller. Despite (or because of) these changes, Denali broke up in April 2004.

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Denali (Demo)

Artist – Denali
Album – Demo
Release Date – 2001
Genre – Indie, Alternative, Female Vocalist, Trip-core / Shoegaze-like

1 – Function
2 – Gunner
3 – You File
4 – Prozac
5 – French Mistake
Denali – Demo


Artist – Denali
Album – Denali
Release Date – 2002
Genre – Indie, Alternative, Female Vocalist, Trip-core / Shoegaze-like

1 French Mistake 4:36
2 You File 3:36
3 Lose Me 4:02
4 Everybody Knows 5:47
5 Prozac 3:26
6 Relief 4:42
7 Time Away 5:11
8 Gunner 3:32
9 Function 4:11
10 Where I Landed 5:33
Denali – Denali

The Instinct

Artist – Denali
Album – The Instinct
Release Date – 2003
Genre – Indie, Alternative, Female Vocalist, Trip-core / Shoegaze-like

1 Hold Your Breath 2:57
2 Surface 4:47
3 Run Through 4:37
4 The Instinct 3:55
5 Do Something 5:39
6 Real Heat 3:50
7 Nullaby 5:35
8 Normal Days 3:27
9 Welcome 3:59
Denali – The Instinct
Recommendations: Norma ~ The Walt ~ Stereolab ~ Blueprint ~ Encre
TKS Dana…

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