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2012-12-17 08:37:44 UTC
Let There Be Light

[ Let There Be Light ] ~ Piero Frenguelli (voice, guitars, programming) and Marco Porsia (bass, keys) formed in 2009 Let There Be Light amidst the indie-post rock scene in Toronto, Canada where they discovered a mutual interest in listening to and making music. Both have musical backgrounds in Italy where Frenguelli produced as F/Point, later to become the electronic-experimental project Control. Porsia comes from a film background and has made videos for numerous bands including Yuppie Flu, Giardini di Miro’, Stearica, Pankow as well as The Wedding Present.

The two fused musical skills to develop a sound that dwells outside comfortable marketing terms, to form a hybrid of styles into new sonic directions. Let There Be Light is what happens when spacious melodies merge with minimal rhythmic electronic loops, ethereal vocals and wave-upon-wave of guitar drones with cinematic overtones. LTBL harnesses the extraordinary power of music in a kaleidoscope of post-rock/post-punk, drone, ambient-noise and techno – being of but never committing to one style. Rhythmic and ambient elements constantly transform a soundscape that is fragile and yet revealing of a deep inner tension.

Live, the band is now a 4 piece with live drums and keyboards adding a whole new level of power and intensity. The live set-up includes film projections of archival and original footage tailored to the sound with intricate geometries of hard angles and warm colours. Thrusting forward in a disorienting and unexpected way LTBL lifts you up and gently lays you down.


[ Let There Be Light ] ~ Brilliant blends of Indie-electro / Shoegaze that turned out rather dark. GOOD STUFF ALL THE WAY. Speaking about musics that makes writing fun. There you go. Another one. AWESOME SOUND... listen to "In Silence" and "Black Stars". As a matter of fact listen to the entire release. So Dark... So Droningly Gazy... and yet so accessible. Other project involve [ The Radio Fields ] which is again... an extremely bold and interesting listen.

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Artist - Let There Be Light [ LTBL ] Album - The Noise Behind Release Date - 2010 Genre - Electro, Shoegaze, Electro-gaze, Drone-gaze Tracklist 1 A Distant Sound 2 Yesy 3 Telepathine 4 Veritas 5 Parse 6 An Open Field 7 Neutri 8 Lux 9 Shoal 10 The Noise Behind -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let There Be Light [ LTBL ] - The Noise Behind -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Let There Be Light [ LTBL ] Album - The Setting Sun Release Date - 2009 Genre - Indie, Electro, Ambient, Shoegaze, Drone-gaze ( VERY GOOD ) Tracklist 1 Dawn 2 Fear + Desire 3 In SIlence 4 Black Stars 5 Coda -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let There Be Light [ LTBL ] - The Setting Sun -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neil On Impression ~ Hṛṣṭa ~ A Slow In Dance ~ A Genuine Freakshow ~ Lovely Girls Are Blind -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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