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* * * * * Shapes Stars Make * * * * *

In late 2007, friends Michael Gooden and Jon Cook decided to focus and change directions from previous musical attempts and formed Shapes Stars Make. “Shapes Stars Make sound exactly the way you would expect a band with this name to sound like. The music is airy with gentle flickers that light up small and large. The music consumes the listener like the lights in the night sky and lets you dream out loud.” (AbsolutePunk)

Shapes Stars Make crafts emotionally-rich indie rock, heavy in post-rock influence. The band’s songs are well-crafted harmonies that balance beautifully layered melodies and lyrics. In January 2008, Shapes Stars Make recorded their debut album with Producer/Engineer John Congleton [ The Appleseed Cast, Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You ]. The self-titled album was recorded and mixed during six rainy and cold days in Texas.

Evident on the band’s debut EP is a sound unique in its atypical condensation of genre techniques. Where as most indie bands experimenting with post-rock textures tend to develop around mellow, restrained build-ups and finishes, Shapes Stars Make represents six tracks equally gentle and melodic as they are massive in volume. (The Neo-Surrealist Movement)

In the Summer of 2008, Zach Edwards and SSM were united, after months of searching for a drummer. The result was an effortless blend of creativity, emotion, and technicality. Soon thereafter, the threesome began writing and arranging new material, assembling the pieces for their first full length album.

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Artist – Shapes Stars Make
Album – Shapes Stars Make
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Experimental, Post-rock

01 – Let It Be Morning
02 – The Lion And The Bear
03 – Help For Hopless
04 – This Is Epic
05 – A Great Awakening Terible
06 – Make After All
Shapes Stars Make – Shapes Stars Make LINK REMOVED…

Artist – Shapes Stars Make
Album – These Mountains Are Safe
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Experimental, Post-rock

01 – Giant Bird
02 – Le Dodici
03 – [ We Are ] The Hurting
04 – Be Gentle Young One
05 – Sunrise
06 – Fireflies and Lights
07 – The Calm
08 – And The Sky Opened
Shapes Stars Make – These Mountains Are Safe LINK REMOVED…
Recommendations: Long Distance Calling ~ A Northern Chorus ~ Glissando ~ Hologram ~ We All Inherit The Moon


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